Hakko 3WINZ-3125 3-12 × 50 AO R:6 D optical sight

Sights collection “Winner” is created for installment on tools of tool and large dimension. These can be recommended to virtually any used in Russian tools:7.62 × 54, 308Win,.30-06Sprg and also comparable.

Brand name Hakko comes from the Japanese business Tokyo Scope Co., Ltd., based in Tokyo (Japan). The company was created in 1970 and over this forty years participated in the production of optical sights. In 2006, after the unexpected fatality of the head of the business Hakko, the firm separated, and also the plant Hakko was quickly obtained by Tokyo Scope, as the heads of these producers were friends.

Initial name brand name at change of the owner has actually been kept. Scopes Hakko Japanese companies are well understood for our seekers and also shooters. These views have shown up on our market for fairly time, however have actually been presented in the majority of costly series in the elite shops. Hakko– firm democratic as well as creates riflescopes in different rate categories.

At the sight of the collection “Winner” of the reticle installed in one of three types: 6, 15, 90. Relying on the version can be brightened.

The illumination of the marks is selected by the regulator, which lies on the riflescope.

Features: the possibility otstrojki from a parallax

  • totally water resistant
  • superior optics with a multilayered enlightenment of lenses
  • enhanced body building and construction to withstand effective impact.
  • Drums getting in amendments have a protective cover and also can conveniently be entered manually without unique tool. Drums entering amendments have a protective cover and can easily be entered manually without unique tool.

    Bundle components:

    • Sight 1 PCs.
    • The CR2032 battery 1 PCs.


    To change magnification, it is sufficient to turn the modification ring changes the zoom. Every single time you transform the zoom on the ring of change enhances it is essential to concentrate the sight. Emphasis by transforming the ring on the eyepiece till a sharp image of the grid.
    Adheres to the procedure of adjustment.


    Secure the weapon visible the machine. Set up a target at a distance of 100 m and also make a test shot. Gauge the range between these factors if the factor of influence does not correspond with the aiming factor. Unscrew the leading cap and also best change screws as well as transform the screws according to the standards given listed below. Proceed the modification and also the change as long as the hit point and also the target factor do not correspond.


    Magnification, times: 3-10
    Lens size, mm: 50
    Tube diameter mm: 30
    Direct field of view at 100 m: 11,5 — —
    3 Size of departure pupil, mm: A 16.7 — — 4.2 V The
    removal of departure student, mm: 100 — — 85
    Variety of input of amendments, the MOA: 80
    The cost of division of one click, MOA: 1,4
    Number of lenses: 10
    Size, mm: 275
    Weight, g: 613

    Supplier: Hakko (Japan)

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