Weapons for underwater hunting

In the XXI century shops equipment can provide a huge selection of varieties of guns for spearfishing. What to choose?

Equipping gear from underwater hunter can be reduced to the minimum possible and, in General, with one pipe, but without a real gun you can not do.

Share the current harpoon into two broad groups:

  • a gun shot is a release of energy of rubber bands – crossbows;
    gun shot is due to the inertia of the compressed air inside the air.

Now I will talk about each group a little more.

Pneumatic gun for underwater hunting

The principles at work here are: piston reinforced rubber sleeve, and slides easily down the barrel. The compressed air mass is typed in and stored inside. The piston is rammed, which eliminates its interaction with the environment, and serves as a spring; the air after a volley is not dissolved. In the middle of the gun pressure consistently, so you will not lose power in the shots.

The basic elements that make up pneumatic rifle:

  • Trunk. Its duration affects the overclocking settings. The more time he spends on the acceleration, the more power he gets.
  • The piston is an engine which pushes the spear during the shot. It consists of seals and the cylinder.
  • Receiver. He intends the length of the gun. The diameter in most cases, approximately 18-42 mm. of substance Used – titanium, stainless steel, aluminum. Often used addition, where the receiver and barrel are similar in magnitude.
  • Trigger. Its structure affects the mechanics of underwater shooting.
  • Informative function – to hold a weapon in WesternUnion condition.

Actively used Pneumatics 50 years, constantly improving and modernizarea. Of the minuses – it’s just what you need to make a serious effort when charging, and often loud volley of weapons, but much depends on how you constructed the piston-damper and of any matter he made.

The rifle crossbow for spearfishing

Crossbows are also a popular type of choice for even the most experienced divers on the sea and in clear water – preference given to them. Easy to build, and easy to use for those wishing. The tip can be used here different: at one end, with five teeth and the most famous is the three toothed. Fishing with a crossbow is most often applied to those species of fish that do not have care.

The instrument can be divided into the following nodes:

  • Carrier tube. It determines the magnitude of the spear gun and attached to it the following equipment: grip, coil, head, guide the harpoon. The tubes are usually made of aluminum.
  • Arm. Exploit it as a means of retaining the gun when maneuvering. It is a trigger. The handle should not slide on the hand and smoothly and fit snugly to the weapon have not left. If this condition does not comply, then it is very sad at the loss of expensive crossbow.
  • The head of a spear gun. This is the node where the fixed rubber traction. The item is made of hard plastic. Here is the ring and threaded holes to attach rods.
  • Harpoon. It is produced from stainless steel and durable rod with a high rigidity. The most famous is with diameter 6.5 mm. For smaller fish using a 6 mm – it has the highest speed.
    Rubber strap and bowstring.

There is a thrust of the following types – 16,18,20 and 22 mm. Size should be chosen according to the location of the hunt. Each rod has a threaded sleeve-sinuses, to attach to the head-string. The most effective is the wire twisted into a spring. Based on my experience it is the most durable and reliable material. In samopaly wire bend a horseshoe shape. You need to control the state of the string, so that it is not damaged or broken. Inspect it each time you reload.

If you are hunting more than three hours, we advise you to take a break yourself, or let the gun rest, changing it to another. Bowstring with prolonged use, can stretch and lead you in the right moment, or even break.

The crossbow first appeared in the 20-30-ies of XX century without any alterations and improvements in his performance have moved into our century. If you are a beginner and recently started to hunt under water or just want to try the crossbow, here is your choice. Weapons safely performed and requires few material costs.

Best crossbows for underwater hunting

The first thing you want to look for when choosing a crossbow is the proposed location for the choice of your hunting. The basis is to choose the universal gun, then it will need to buy different types.

Crossbows are very different in length. It starts from 36 cm to 1.2 m. Longer designed for hunting in the seas or in the oceans, and shorter for lakes and deep rivers. The best option is 50 -60 cm He will be good for the river and the sea. In the ocean or on the deep lake, it takes something more powerful 85 cm Foot weapon may seem uncomfortable, inhibit movement, but how much advantage it will give you and the longer, the higher strength and range, and this will be very useful in clear water.

Advice to new divers.

Initially, decide the place your hunting. If the lake, river, etc. – is sufficiently deep and transparent, we recommend to use a crossbow. The length of the follow to select a relatively overview of visibility under water. The farther your vision is, the more necessary to use a length of 75 cm On the rivers or in the sea, where the overview of the water is reduced, it is better to use pneumatic. Usually in such waters is dominated by fast fish and need something more maneuverable. You can use the crossbow with patibulum tip, after the shot, the ends will be separated and, like a beam, to cover the fish.

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  1. Receiver. He intends the length of the gun. The diameter in most cases, approximately 18-42 mm. of substance Used – titanium, stainless steel, aluminum. Often used addition, where the receiver and barrel are similar in magnitude.

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