The State Crappie Record For Every State In America

Crappie angling is a hobby anglers appreciate throughout the country.

Their scrumptious preference and sporting ability are a couple of reasons they’re so popular.

While many anglers would consider any type of fish over 12 inches to be a piece, crappie can grow a lot bigger, particularly in the south. Here is the listing for the largest crappie captured in every state in America.

State Weight AreaAngler Date Alabama 4 pounds 5 oz Fort Payne Reservoir Shelley Meadows 2007 Arizona 4 lbs 10 oz San Carlos Lake John Shadrick 1959 Arkansas

5 pounds Lake Wilhelmina Donivan Echols 2011 The golden state4 pounds 8 oz ClearLakeCarol Carlton1971 Colorado 4 pounds3 oz Northglenn Lake Daryel Thompson 1990 Connecticut 4 pounds0 oz

Pataganset Lake Unknown UnidentifiedDelaware 4 lbs 9 ozNoxontown PondMarvin Billips 1976 Florida 3 lbs 13 oz Lake Talquin Ben Curry Sr.1992 Georgia 5 lbBibb Co. Pond TheresaKemp

1984 Idaho 3lbs 5 ozBrownlee Reservoir Jason Monson 2003 Illinois 4 lbs 8.8oz Kinkaid LakeRyan Povolish 2017Indiana 4 lbs 11 oz Exclusive Pond Willis Halcomb 1994 Iowa 4 pounds 9 ozEco-friendly CastleLake Ted Trowbridge 1981 Kansas 4 pounds 6 ozWoodsonLake Hazel Fey

1957 Kentucky 4 pounds 14 ozWatershed LakePenny Hopper 2005 Louisiana 6lbs 0 oz N/A N/A1969 Maine 3 lbs 9 ozMessalonskeeLake Quinn Warren 2016 Maryland 4 lbs

4 oz Indian Acres Sid Stollings1987 Massachusetts4 lbs 10 oz Jakes PondJames Crowley 1980Michigan 4 pounds 1.92oz Lincoln Lake FrankLee 1947 Minnesota 5pounds Vermillion River TomChristenson 1940 Mississippi 4 lbs 4 oz Arkabutla ReservoirGerald Conlee 1991 Missouri 4 lbs 9 oz ExclusivePond RayBabcock 1967Montana 3.68lbs.

Tongue River Reservoir GeneticsBassett 1996 Nebraska 4 pounds 8 oz Farm Pond ALLEN PAAP JR. 2003 Nevada 3 pounds 5 oz Weber Reservoir Lake A. Pressey 2017 New Hampshire 2 lbs 15 ozGreat EastLakeBrian O’Day 2016New Jersey4 pounds 8 oz PomptonLake Andy Tintle 1996 New Mexico 4 lbs 9 ozBlack River Oscar W.Buck1983 New york city 4 lbs 1 ozLake Flavia William Wightman 2018 North Carolina4 pounds 15 oz Asheboro City LakeDean Dixon 1980 North Dakota 3 lbs 4 oz Lake OaheDon Newcomb1998 Ohio4 pounds 5 ozPrivate Pond RonaldStone 1981 Oklahoma 4lbs 15 oz Kingfisher Co.. Fish pond Frank Robinson1991 Oregon 4lbs 12 oz Gerber Reservoir Jim Duckett1967Pennsylvania 4 pounds 3 oz

Hammond LakeRichard A.Pino2000 RhodeIsland 3 poundsWatchaug Pond R. Sevegny1976 South Carolina 5 lbs1 oz Lake Murray Mrs. H.P.Owens 1949 South Dakota 3 lbs 9 ozExclusive Pond Gary Ernst 1974Tennessee 5 lbs7 oz LoudonCounty Lionel Ferguson 2018 Texas 4 lbs8 oz Navarro Mills G.G. Wooderson1968Utah 3 lbs 2oz Quail Creek ReservoirMike Flickinger 1993 Vermont3 pound 8.5 oz LakeHortonia FrancisT. Geoffroy 2005Virginia 4 lbs 14oz Lake Conner E. L.Blackstock 1967 Washington 4 pounds 8 ozLake Washington John W.Smart 1956 Wisconsin 4 lbs 8 oz GileFlowage Unidentified 1967Wyoming 2 lbs 7 oz Boysen Reservoir Troy Schnepper 2012 Hawaii

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