The long-awaited pike fishing

Winter is a difficult time for the spinner, if there is open water, often with only small fish, as was in my case. But it’s spring, the waters gradually begin to thaw. Today I finally opened one promising stretch of the river, and my friend, without hesitation, went to this site.

Arrived at the place quite early, around 14:30. Took a box of crankbaits and a few packs of rubber. The main emphasis is made on valleroy catch. The first half hour was quite boring, no bites, no outputs have not seen. Decided to take a walk along the river, check out the other points with the intention of returning again to this site in the late afternoon. Other points also were silent, and in many places still had ice.

And then around 5 PM, again at the initial point. The weather is: warm, the air temperature just above freezing, light breeze. And caught we can say with ice. So the circumstances that at the shore everywhere the ice drifted away, and this is where he remains, but the ice is thick and reliable, and the depths beneath it is not much. To get on the ice only a small tropinochka that korovilas covered with water.

Start fishing again and I decided crankbaits. I put SPRUT SAGAMI in natural colors. First cast and in 3-4 meters from the shore get a cruel bite, 5 seconds is playing and… cut. Own fault, too lazy to put a leash. Meanwhile, the friend on the first cast gets the gathering. Well, the fish seems to be present and, apparently, very hungry. But there it was, a lull, only to each catch one pickerel and I get some sloppy bite.

Begins a long enumeration of lures. I specifically for this place have prepared a few crankbaits in natural colors, this SPRUT ASAKA, SPRUT RIKO, SPRUT KENTA 53, SPRUT IVASI 3D and SAGAMI, which had already been cut. On these lures I’ve placed my hope.

An hour later I do manage to go from zero to RIKO from the middle distance sits the small but long-awaited surenos. Well, finally at least some variety, finally, it is not a small perch! Worked wiring short single rybachkov and long pauses.

Tightened people. All hard and concentrated thrown into the water your bait. I catch the time, catch someone’s dangling bait.

It’s getting dark, and we all await the release of the fish, but it is not! Pluck Wobbler, which I brought today, pickerel. Already beginning to go home, and then the friend decided to ask me to try my rod and make a few casts. Kindly call on him, as bait vibrohvost SPRUT KAGAMI 70 to my favorite coloring PRP. On the first posting, a friend of mine reports that he had a bite. On the second transaction message is the same. I begin to torment doubts about this, still not spinning it and suddenly it seemed to him.

But he strongly and confidently says, “I had a bite, straight for sure!”. In the end, each makes a throw where it is necessary and transmits spinning in my hands. Classic short step with pauses for 3-4 seconds. And here in the middle of the race posting real bite and I manage to implement it! Another pickerel. Eventually, a friend decided that she shared. Still casting it, and the wiring and towing my.

Then after I manage to catch two jacks with the same points, all on the same KAGAMI. A friend just catch one pickerel. Apparently, the fish was out. And nobody expected that she was suddenly in the dark will react to the jig.

Another 30 minutes will polskem bait, but to no avail. This solved to finish fishing and head home. All fish caught, of course, returned to their native element. In General, the fishing I was very pleased. Yes, I lost two crank, but good to catch the pike. Tomorrow again in fight!

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