Salmon with sauce of lemon

Fillet wash, dry and cut into pieces of 120 gr., RUB with salt and pepper, fry from two parties. Half a lemon to grate and combine with horseradish and shinkovanny dill, mix thoroughly. Lubricate with a mixture of fillet and bake in the oven at 250°C 5 min.

Salmon with sauce of lemon.

For 4 servings:

– glinozemistyj rice 400 gr.
– salmon fillet 480 gr.
– 2 carrots
– 1 onion
– 2 cucumber (preferably marinated)
– oil (vegetable) 100 gr.
150 gr. Shit (table)
– 1 lemon
– dill

Rice boiled in salted water. Carrots cut into slices. Onions coarsely chopped.

Fry onions in butter, add the carrots, season with salt and pepper, pour half a glass of boiling water and simmer 5 min. to Put randomly sliced cucumbers and simmer for 2 more minutes to Combine the vegetables with rice, a side dish ready.

Put on a plate the rice, top the fish. If desired, garnish with lemon wedges.

 Salmon pie.

For 6 servings:
– cheese 125 gr.
– margarine 75 gr.
– 400 gr. Flour
– 150 ml water
salmon (salted fillets) 300 gr.
cream 250 ml.
– 3 eggs
– cheese (grated) 150 gr.
– butter (butter) 100 gr.
– 1 bunch of dill
– floor beam bow
– 2 bulbs
– red caviar

The flour with the margarine chopped into fine crumbs.

Add curd and water, knead the dough, wrap in cotton cloth and put into the cold for 1 hour. Ready to roll out the dough, put in shape and put in the oven at 180°C for 10 min.

Chop onion (finely) and fry in oil (butter). Fillet cut into strips. Greens grind.

Eggs along with the cream beat with a mixer and combine with the prepared products, add grated cheese, mix well. The stuffing is ready.

Spread the filling over the cake and bake at 180°C for 20 min. cool Slightly, before serving garnish with caviar.

Baked pasta with salmon.
For 2 servings:
– pasta Penne (feathers) 200 gr.
– 200 gr. Salmon fillet
– 200 gr. Spinach
– onions 2 heads
– the egg
– sour cream 200 gr.
– spoon or two of flour
– 100 gr. Oil (olive)
– butter (butter) 100 gr.
– grated cheese 50 gr.
– breadcrumbs (breadcrumbs) 100 gr.
Cook pasta in salted water and drain in a colander.
Onions finely crumble and fry in oil (vegetable), mix with pasta. Rinse spinach and boil in salted water 2 minutes, cool and chop.
Fish cut into strips, roll in flour and fry on both sides.
Form grease with oil (butter), sprinkle breadcrumbs on the bottom to put half of the pasta over the spinach, then the fish and another layer of pasta.
Mix the sour cream and egg, pour over pasta and cover with cheese. Bake at 180°C 30-35 min.

A cocktail of broccoli and salmon.

For 6 servings:
– fillet (smoked) 300 gr.
– 600 gr broccoli.
– 2 eggs (boiled)
– chopped almonds 50 gr.
– 0,5 beam bow
– soft cheese 150 gr.
– table fuck 50 grams.
– 100 ml milk
lemon juice

Broccoli disassemble on inflorescences and boil in salted water 2 minutes and drain. Fillet cut into thin strips. Cut the cheese into small cubes, eggs finely chopped. Onions chop and mix with salt and lemon juice. With a mixer beat the milk with the horseradish, cheese and green onions.

Broccoli and fish spread out on the wide glasses, put on top of a spoon of the pulp, sprinkle with chopped eggs and almonds decorate with slices of lemon.

Potato salad with salmon.

For 4 servings:
– potatoes: 500 gr.
– 4 eggs
– 1 cucumber
salmon (smoked) 100 g.
– mayonnaise-100 gr.
– the capital of mustard 75g.
– oil (olive) 125 ml.
– vinegar 100 ml.
– dill 1/2 bunch
lettuce leaf 4 leaf
– pepper

Boil the potatoes in their skins, cool and peel, slice into 8 pieces.

Slice salmon fillet and cucumber thin round slices. Dill finely chopped. Beat with a mixer mayonnaise with mustard, oil and vinegar.

Connect all products, add salt and pepper, stir gently. Put on a plate with salad leaves and garnish with sprigs of dill.

Try to prepare. Bon appetit! Let along with the appetite will come in a good mood.

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