Sitka Traverse Zip-T Review

The Traverse Zip T is “an abrasion-resistant outer layer for mild days and an insulating mid layer for the cold. The durable knit outer face fabric protects a soft fleece backer that traps warm air to distance your skin from the elements.

The half zip pullover construction with zippered chest pocket delivers a tailored fit.

Sleeves break below the wrist with integrated thumb loops to keeping the shirt in place from ravine to ridge top.”

Postseason Perspective:

For the 2017 season, I decided to improve the adaptability of my insulation layering system and chose to add the Traverse Zip-T to my arsenal. I found this piece to fit well and to be extremely comfortable. The Traverse Zip- T provided unrestricted range of motion.

It also did not prevent the wicking nature of my base layers. I found the Traverse Zip-T to be the perfect layer to wear when hiking in and out of areas in the colder parts of the morning and evening. The zip aspect of this piece eliminated the constant layering up and down that I had done previously. I enjoyed having the integrated thumb loops and wore these exclusively during super cold days.

After multiple days of use, I discovered that the Traverse Zip-T held smell more than my base layers. However, once aired out and dried the odor in the garment was drastically reduced. I am extremely satisfied with this piece and found myself wearing it more times than not. Just as with all the other pieces of Sitka gear that I own, the Traverse Zip-T shows no signs of wear and tear after multiple washings and a whole season of use.

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