Bath for budgies, where, and how to bathe your parrot

Sooner or later, the owners of wavy handsome, you begin to notice that the troughs or other water containers used by their wards, as a kind of shower.

This strange behavior is justified by the natural need the birds bathing. So, why not create one for your feathered friend personal bathroom? Bath for parrots is the need for small exotic birds.

To swim never hurt a pet, find out about this procedure, everything you need and create an atmosphere to bathing days brought joy and a pleasure, not a fear of the water element. To do this, read below.

Important rules bath day at home

Parrot water treatments and natural important

To maintain the feathers in good condition bathing for cockatiels and other species of birds just need. In addition, the adoption of water treatments is to peratikos fun and easy way to improve mood.

Not to wonder how to bathe a parrot and not to make mistakes, accustoming your pet to the bath, use these tips and everything will be fine:

1. Bathe your pet should be in separate containers, from which he will never be thirsty.
In this ideal case bathing parrot, made from a plastic bottle.

2. Water tanks for bath procedures must be clean. Do not allow your pet to splash around in the cups of tea, as the drink faded feathers and unkempt appearance.

3. So pet got sick after swimming, the room temperature and the temperature coefficient of the water must be the same and be at least 23 and not more than 25 degrees.

4. In the cold season pet better not to bathe, but if wavy handsome man climbed into a container of water, put his cage in a warm place so he doesn’t have a cold. Also ensure that the room had no drafts.

5. Not all birds like water treatments, so many owners raises the question of how to teach a parrot to bathe without harm to his health? Try with patience to the fear of your baby, show him the water from a distance, gradually introducing him to the baths. Perhaps you will help bright bird to overcome his fear, and it alone will start to clean its feathers with water. Most importantly, do not rush and be patient.

6. If you decide to bathe your pet in the winter, do it not more often than twice a month. The pet needs to take a bath in your presence. After a bath it should be warm and dry. In summer, the capacity for bathing can be left in the cage, so he will be able not only to care for the feathers, but also to cool off during the heat.

Feathered how to teach to water procedures

As bathing, you can use shallow bowls, bowls, basins with small amount of water

You want to teach your pet to take a bath, but I do not know whether to bathe wavy parrot in a makeshift pool? The answer to this question is quite simple: it is possible and necessary. Bathing for birds is not only fun, but also great health benefits.

To cause the favorite interest in the water, show him the bath place. If the parrot likes to sit on your finger, bring it to the water tank and offer to check.

But do not hurry, if the pet does not want so make do not need. Can first put in the bath food or a toy parrot, let him like it and get used to it, well then, you can pour back the water.

How and where to bathe “wavy” pet?

How to bathe budgies in the home knows not everyone. Most birds love to take baths in a regular deep plate with warm vodka. But the owner should be aware that swimming, wave handsome will spray water and poured it the entire cell. Bath for budgies can be as follows: a bath of a plastic bottle with the entrance for the parrot and the walls, so that the bird does not have splashed water around. Below are a few tips!

Volnistye – fans to bathe

  • Some owners used in the form of trays cat tray. Such a large bath for parrots, cockatiels and wavy birds will be warmly welcomed, as it is very comfortable to dabble with outstretched wings, and for them such freedom of action a real pleasure.
  • Wavy kids are activity and sociability, so you can accompany swimmers to the owner. But it is better not to assume, as in the bathroom, the bird could simply drown
  • If you want to have pet a natural shower, for him to grow oats, and from time to time spray of green grass with water, offering it to the parrot. In nature they bathe in the morning dew gathering on the leaves of plants and grass.
  • Bathing Pets can be manual and under running water. For this you need to make a small pressure and adjust the water to a temperature of 25 degrees. This shower will love the feathered and improve his mood.
  • Also to arrange the feathery thing shower and using the spray. Sprayed water must above the bird’s head. So, she is not scared and will accept water procedures: tropical rain

Give your pet time to get used to the water temperature

Despite the fact that parrots love to bathe, arrange them bath day should be cautious, to avoid disastrous consequences. Deciding to make a bird water treatments, do not fill the tub to the brim. Bath for parrot should be filled to less than half, so the bird can splash around and not drown. Dry feathered do not need to put the cage in a warm place or under the lamp, then the pet will dry on their own. No hair dryers and towels should not be – for parrots such methods of drying are deadly.

How to make a bath for wavy parrots with his own hands

Almost every owner of the observation of birds, says that occasionally the parrot will take the opportunity to plunge into any container of water. This way is manifested the natural need for bathing. Why not give feathered the opportunity to take baths when he wants to? It is worth considering some rules.

The water is pure, and its temperature should not fall below 23 °C and not exceed 25 °C. the Temperature should begin from the index in 25 degrees. Definitely not worth forcing a parrot to bathe, as not everyone likes to do it, but to distrust, so easily.

Good prevention against various malicious parasites will be added to water for bathing weak concentration of chamomile decoction.

Not allowed the adoption of water treatments pet near his food, as it is when wet may become a breeding place for bacteria, which consequently lead to disease.

And now in detail about how to make a bath for the parrots with his own hands. You will need: an empty container from a plastic square bottles of 5 liters, the tube is made of vinyl, a piece of wooden twigs, plastic fasteners, stainless wire rope.

  1. Cut the workpiece.

2. With a Sharpie draw a future entry.

3. Connect the bottom and top of the bottle and pierce with an awl in several places.

4. Devem screed and fix.

5. You must repeat on all sides.

6. By measuring the required length of tubing in half lengthwise.

7. Treating glue, attach the boards.

8. Make hooks from wire.

9. Insert them from the inside.

10. Bend the ends.

11. Now make a perch. Pierce branch (maple is perfect) wire.

12. Bend.

13. That’s what happened.

14. Fix the entry below, compression.

15. We have left the bath as a result.

16. Set and water is drained through the hole at the top.


The results

Bathing parrots is not only a way to clean up, but also a great excuse to have fun. Splashing feathered mischief is affection not only from their owners but also their guests.

Adhering to the tips outlined above, you will be able not only to teach a bird to swim, but will come into contact with your pet. Most importantly, no compulsion, and then water treatment will be for you and your pet a real joy.

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