Parrots: history, breed

Parrots live in different parts around the world, apart from Europe, it appears that in our region they were first brought from India, the brave soldiers of Alexander the great.

When the rules the Emperor Nero, parrots began to smuggle into our country from Africa, they brought with them each knight from the Crusades and explorers from a long trip.

According to the latest scientific, parrots in the usual form was formed about 65 million years (this age belongs to beak, found in the deposits of lance Creek, Wyoming). However, it is known that the European variety (not tropical South American, Indian or Australian) are the most ancient members of the species (the bones found on the territory of great Britain and France, about 50-60 million years) and they lived in the crowns of native trees in the Eocene epoch.

The origin of the modern parrots originates in ancient times

Species diversity and their habitats serve as excellent evidence that in prehistoric times all the continents were combined into one, Pangaea, and then separated the southern continent, Gondwana, took all the members of the species to Antarctica.

Another interesting fact that became Fischer’s lovebird Pets around the same time as dogs. Moreover, they are among the most ancient totemic animals. The reason for this was their developed intelligence and the ability onomatopoeia – the ancient people saw in the clever birds reborn spirits of deceased chiefs.

Remarkably, for many centuries they were unknown in Europe. To return to their historical homeland, they helped one of the generals of Alexander the great, Onestreet in the 3rd century BC.

Parrots were a sign of wealth – they were kept in Golden cages palaces, they quietly walked on with luxury villas. According to one legend, Julius Caesar has taken some important decisions during his campaigns, following the guidance of your pet – huge cockatoo.

Today there are a number of types, so it is worth spending time to admire the photos of these beautiful birds, to remember the names of all the popular species names, study their habits, and may choose a pet for everyone.

In our countries, parrots first appeared somewhere in the eighteenth century together with other fashion trends from Europe. The ability to speak does not have all the members of this family, these types of only three hundred and fifty. Internationally recognized talkers, that is Jacko or as they say “the grey parrot”, some Amazon, a cockatoo and, to some extent, Laurie.

It turns out that Laurie is living on Islands in the Indian ocean, Australia and New Guinea belong to the genus ecoazioni. This means that the language is not as smooth as, say, the Amazon, at the end there is a brush, which Laurie picked the nectar from the flowers.

Parrots are inhabitants of the tropics and subtropics, therefore, most of the species discovered in South America and Australia. And on the Green continent home to half the famous parrot family, in particular wavy and cockatiels. Most comfortable they feel in the woods, but ubiquitous: plains and meadows, mountains, and floodplains.

At the moment, scientists account for the world’s 87 species, but the inaccessibility of some regions of the tropical latitudes suggests that the list is far from complete.

Despite the huge variety in size, wingspan, colour and habitat, they all share intellectual curiosity ,open interest in the man and a desire to learn. They were the initiators of the Union with Homo Sapiens.

The largest breed of parrot is not ideal “flyers”. The larger the parrot, the less time he spends in flight in natural conditions.

Cockatoos, for example, prefers to plan and to jump from branch to branch, moving to the trunk of the tree as his ancient ancestor, Archaeopteryx (“grandfather” of all modern bird species).

Body length ranged from 9 cm to 1 meter. The most typical representatives of the order are brightly colored: the dominant colors are yellow and green. Their characteristic feature is the impressive beak, which is structurally similar to the beak of birds of prey, he needed to travel and food.

Besides the fact that these birds can peck with her beak hard fruits, they also use it during climbing trees, deftly clinging to them for branches. In addition, bill is the pride of the males, with the help of it they find out the relationship in ritual battles (non-aggressive and more like a dance). “Savages” often have a nomadic lifestyle, moving from one feeding place to the new place overnight.

What are Pets parrots

The most common breeds that are domesticated for human use are:

1. wavy
2. cockatiels
3. cockatoo
4. Jaco
5. lovebird

Volnisty – is a very common domesticated bird and the little parrot. It will be the perfect companion for virtually any child or adult. He also responds well to human, quickly tamed, with pleasure goes on contact, easily learns words.

Ironically, in their homeland, in Australia, wild budgies replace pigeons. Australian doves are found almost throughout the continent. “Real” parakeets – only green-yellow, all other colors and coloring were obtained at the time of breeding by artificial means. “Volnushki” in the wild live in huge flocks of up to several thousand individuals.

Colonies of wild budgies in the wild

Moreover, the socialization of these birds has reached such heights that the flock is a huge coordinated mechanism running smoothly – each individual knows his place and functional during the flight. The watchers are still scratching their heads as, it would seem that such a small bird manage that is beyond human reason?

In the wild, budgerigars feed on all day and like to settle near rivers and bodies of water. Despite the fact that at home they can memorize up to 30 words, in a natural environment, they’re only the 9 sounds to communicate with each other.

Cockatiels belong to the middle-sized species of parrots. They are quite peaceful and not too noisy (although it should be noted that at an early age they are almost impossible to silence – at this time they realize that they have a very melodious and sonorous voice which they want to apply to the case). In addition, those cute Pets quickly adapted to the environment and are well trained. Previously, they were considered a subspecies of the cockatoo, however, is now isolated in a separate subspecies. Cockatiels are in touch with people, but poorly trained tricks and speaking.

If you ask what are the large parrots, in the example we can cite the following breeds:

Ara is one of the most expensive types of that can be purchased legally. Large, smart, independent. A fun feature is the fact that their mood can be understood by the skin around the eyes. If Ara is angry or excited, it changes color to red or orange.

Lovers of exotic should understand that the content of Ara in the apartment can bring a headache not only for the owners but also the neighbors: this species has a loud and unpleasant voice, able to ruffle anyone.

They are quite noisy and not everyone will be able to get used to the sharp tone of voice. This view, though they do not possess to memorizing words, but responds very well to training different funny tricks.

Cockatoo – bird noticeable (the weight may reach 1 kg) of major dimensions. It is a large parrot, often white in color. It can be safely attributed to the long-lived (well-known individuals, whose age is 100 years). Thanks to the energy and remarkable intelligence, these birds are gaining well-deserved love their owners.

You should know that the beak of this species is very powerful and it is capable of reverse shells, wooden sticks up to an inch thick, and even metal wire. Cockatoo is very loving and constantly showing his affection for the man, jealously protecting it from encroachments of other Pets – dogs, cats and even other parrots. Cockatoos love to chat, to dance, to play – these birds will do everything they can to get attention and praise.

Jaco can rightly be called the most talented representative of the group. He easily becomes attached to people around. Jaco is a breed of medium size parrots. They can easily learn not only individual words, but even whole sentences. Have a pleasant grey colour and aristocratic appearance.

Lovebirds can be attributed to the small representatives. There is a perception that birds of the pair are very attached to each other and are always together (at least known cases when the pair broke up and the parrots had to look for new partners). They differ in a relaxed and cheerful disposition, although not to the speaker.

Care and life expectancy

Different species feed in different ways. The diet of different species mainly consists of plant foods. Their main food are fruits and seeds. Laurie also feed on nectar and pollen, and Kea will not abandon the larvae of insects and even carrion.

In any case, should always be access to fresh water and feed.

The most important issue of concern to all owners of Pets – it is a question of life expectancy. How much is left of metered years – depends on the size of the birds: small species live 10-15 years, while large breeds can live up to 120 years (according to unconfirmed reports).

In order for the pet has lived for as long as possible, you must:

  • to feed the parrot is diverse and balanced;
  • it is optimal to choose the ambient temperature and regime change “day-night”;
  • use of ultraviolet light (they help the bird cages to produce vital vitamin D);
  • to ensure that the bird is not missed – provide it with toys and tools development;
  • to build a spacious cage in which feathered pet will not experience stress;
  • to protect birds from getting accidents at home (one of the most common causes of death are fractures).

If all these points are met, then the parrot can live as long as possible. The following are the names and photos of popular home types of parrots:

Wavy parrot: up to 20 years. The average duration is 10-15 years.

Wavy parrot

Corell: up to 20 years. The average duration is 15-18 years.


Lovebirds: up to 15 years. The average duration is 10-15 years.


Jacko: up to 90 years. The average duration is 50-60 years.


Ara: up to 50 years. The average duration is 30-40 years.


Cockatoo: up to 65 years. The average length is 40-50 years old.


The main thing overlooked by many owners of all species of parrots forget – these creatures need to communicate. If the owners to remember their Pets once a week – it can lead to severe stress and comoosition.

Numerous photos and description of the above species of parrots can easily be found on the website and is highly recommended to do this before making a purchase decision.

Love your winged friends, and they for many years will delight you with funny antics and lucid conversations.

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