Swarovski Z8I 2.3-18 × 56 SR P 4W-I rifle scope optical

Z8i 2,3-18 × 56 P L backlight has a high light openness, specifically when searching out of concealing at sunset. 18 × zoom enables you to see the information that are required to implement precise chance ats long range.

Only optical sight with high clearness, such as Z8i 2,3-18 × 56 P, permits you to see one of the most vital information even in low light problems, and

dusk. Exceptional optics, this range provides phenomenal photo clearness, also in difficult situations.

High zoom and also outstanding information offer an impressive accuracy chance ats lengthy variety.

Increase 2.3-18
Goal lens reliable size (mm) 18,4-56
Leave pupil diameter (mm) 8,1-3,1
Range leave student (mm) 95
Field of vision (m/100 m) 18,6-2,3
Field of vision (degrees) The 10.6-1,3
Noticeable field of view (degrees) 24
Adjustment of vision (diopter) from -3 to +2
Light transmittance (%) 93
The variable of golden illumination according to ISO 14132-1 Of 6.5 to 31.8
The worth of the pitch adjustment (mm/100 m) 10
Max. adjusting vertical/ horizontal (m/100 m) 1,8/ 1,0
Detuning parallax (m) 50-∞
The filter thread of the lens M 58 × 0,75
Size (mm) 364
Weight (g) 725
The diameter of the Central tube (mm) 30
Running temperature level array -20 ° C to +55 ° C
Storage space temperature -30 ° C to +70 ° C
Stability when immersed 4 m water depth (inert gas dental filling)
Backlight component
The illumination levels Golden: 0– 32/ Day: 33– 64
Work time (h) Twilight variable at tool illumination: 1,400; daylight variable at medium illumination: 180

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