Yukon Sentinel 3 x 60 Weaver 26016Т evening vision Sight

The Sentinel series from TM Yukon is a design series of views for night hunting on the first-generation picture intensifier. In this write-up we will take into consideration the most powerful of them — — Sentinel 3 × 60.

This gadget has the largest size of the lens, which permits it to provide the most clear and also comparison picture at country miles in the weakest light due to enhanced light. Three-fold boost The optics of the sight makes it possible to offer a threefold visual estimate, which is considered the most convenient. At large magnifying values, it becomes difficult

to aim out because of the shivering

of the hands, with smaller sized values, the target is not clearly visible. Attributes : Zoom lens The 60mm lens permits you to collect even more light, which straight influences the quality and also comparison of the photo. The boosted light-intensifier along with the made clear optics is the guarantee of a qualitative in-depth

picture, as a

outcome, the raised precision of shooting and the quantity of removal. Integrated IR lighting The sight is distinguished by the existence of a built-in laser IR illuminator, which, in conditions of total darkness or extremely reduced lighting, allows not only to see the target, but also to increase the observation array.

The backlight focuses from spread light to the accumulated beam of light and can be used at various ranges. The wavelength of 805 nm is virtually unseen to the naked eye as well as does not cause the unmasking of the hunter. Titanium instance Like all products from Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide, the Sentinel 3 × 60 is developed from the most recent and also best quality products. The comfortable and also ergonomic body is constructed from titanium, among one of the most sturdy and light steels, which is not worried of wetness, drops, use and temperature level

modifications. The degree

of security of the view is IPX4. In spite of the first-generation photo intensifier, which hesitates of shock tons, the gadget can be installed on rifled tools with muzzle energy 3700 Joules. Light weight Even with a bigger lens, the weight of the view does not go beyond 1000 g. This is important for any shooter, since any kind of overload leads to inequality of the weapon and makes it tough to goal. Convenient procedure All switches are located on the right, which is extremely convenient. Administration of all features is performed by just 3 secrets.

The lens focusing drum allows you to swiftly readjust the optics, and at a mark of 100 meters it « sticks », which is likewise very convenient. Low battery sign One collection of batteries is enough for a day

with the infrared light on, or

for 70 hours with the backlight switched off. However, Sentinel 3 to 60 is geared up with an indicator that reveals the level of fee utilizing a two-color LED. Advantages over analogues Series of fire 200 m Qualitative body materials Push-button control Inexpensive rate Light weight Protection from wetness Integrated IR flashlight Aiming mark with a rangefinder scale Feature Waterproof Generation of EOP 1 Sort Of EOS V8U Boost, times 3 Angle of view, degree 11 Resolution, ang. mins 58.06 Diopter modification, ± 2.5 IR illumination+Presence of a backlight of a label+ Power supply AAx2pcs; 3B Continual procedure
time, hour 70 Dimensions(LxWxH) 307x90x100 Weight,
kg 1 Optimum observation
range, m 200 Boosting of illumination 500 Resolution limitation, pc. mm. 35 Running temperature level, degrees -30 +41 Family member moisture,

%99 Diameter of
the objective, mm: 60 Emphasis
, mm 101.5 Size of the leave pupil, mm 6 Eliminating the exit student, mm 45 Adjustment in clicks, mm/ 100m 20 Aimed label mesh Supplier Yukon

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