Quantum XD50S imager

Pulsar Quantum XD50S the ideal model of the new line of thermal imagers collection XD has all the required qualities for effective searching also under tough problems.

The main benefit of a thermal imager marketed under the brand name Quantum XD50S is the presence of color design with allowance of plots at different temperatures in addition to the common monochrome. Unlike evening vision systems based on photo intensifier imager Quantum XD50S can be made use of no matter outside lighting.

Additionally crucial advantage is the capability to detect a things behind obstacles(lawn, tree branches, etc)and in unfavorable weather(rainfall, haze, snow, and so on). Thermal imager Pulsar Quantum XD50S many thanks to modern-day matrix resolution 384 × 288 and also a large-aperture lens warranties high image quality with the ability to detect items at a distance of 1250 meters. High refresh price of 50 Hz offers a comfortable monitoring fast-moving objects assuring you get a smooth photo.

Distance measuring grid format for deer, wild boar as well as hare will certainly allow high accuracy to determine the range to the desired things. Attributes: Color system. The major benefit of thermal imaging monoculars series Quantum XD is the ability to choose among six color schemes. In addition to the normal black and white black-and-white settings available shade settings with allotment of even more cozy and also cold locations. The frequency of updates.

High refresh rate-50

Hz ensures a comfy monitoring, even for quick relocating items providing a clear picture without obscuring and also spotting. Estimate of the range. In a series of thermal imagers Quantum XD for exact and rapid dimension of ranges to various things and animals at pre-known dimensions(deer– 1.7 m, Kaban-0.7 meters as well as the hare-0.3 meter )gave stadiametric rangefinder. The moduses operandi.

To accomplish maximum effectiveness in Quantum XD there are 3 various functioning modes positioning under various conditions of observation. A high comparison of the « City » will significantly facilitate the discovery with a large number of warm things. Setting low comparison « Forest » perfectly matched for work on location with a small number of objects. The setting of « acknowledgment » wasproduced for far better discovery of things in various conditions.

The function « Display OFF » lets you transform the display screen off and if necessary swiftly to transform it on. When enabled, this function shuts off only the «display while the other components function as usual. Using this function permits to transform the display off to preserve battery and stop unmasking of the onlooker. Resistance to low temperatures. The use of OLED display screen, low temperature level immune to -25 ° C makes certain obtaining top quality images also in hard conditions.

The video outcome. The video clip out permits you to present as well as create photos to external tools. Food. The power of thermal imaging monoculars brand name Quantum XD is provided from 4 AA batteries to be positioned with the container in the battery compartment. To raise the time of Autonomous work it is possible to attach an additional power supply.

  • If required, extra food can be positioned in a pocket or under apparel. Body. High strength with low weight is made possible as a result of the production of carbon composite hull.

Rubberized inserts in the body supply a safe grip, preventing the device to slip out of damp hands or with gloves on. Plan materials: The thermal imager Quantum XD50S Case The guidebook Video clip cable Hand band Automobile adapter Extra battery container Paper napkin for cleaning of optics Guarantee card Electronic elements Resolution microbolometer 384 × 288 Frame rate, Hz 50 The spooky range of detection, m 7,7 13,2 … Display kind OLED Show resolution, Pix. 640 × 480 Optical characteristics Magnifying, x 2,8 Digital zoom, x 2x, 4x Lens F50/1.2 The field of vision, °, horizontal/vertical 11 × 8,3 Restriction redouble the eyepiece, diopter ± 5 Optical features Minutes. concentrating distance, m 5 Variety of

discovery Range of discovery,

  • m(item 1,7 * 0,5 m )1250
  • Food
  • Supply voltage, B
  • 4 ÷ 6 Sort of batteries 4xAA External
  • power DC 8.4 ÷ 15 Physical as well as functional characteristics Defense course(according to IEC 60529)
  • IPX4 Operating
  • temperature range, ° C -25 …
  • +50 Dimensions, mm 200 × 86

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