TOP appeals for pike Keitech Swing Impact FAT 7.8 ″

With the start of the hunting season for pike many anglers searching for silicone catchability lure for pike, as well as increasingly transforming their interest to larger attractions.

Browsing the propositions of various suppliers, we transformed our attention to the proposal from Keitech. The majority of fishermens prefer lures Swing Impact Fat, which is verified when angling for pike and also perch.

Currently, this version lures has actually gotten an extra substantial bro in the big or 7.8″ — — if translated, about the size of 20 centimeters We additionally might not go past her any which way, so we welcome you to evaluate this attraction.

General qualities

Lure Keitech Swing Impact FAT 7.8″ ″ is a specific duplicate of their smaller versions so preferred and also verified in our waters and also predators. In this situation, we are handling rubber lure weighing more than 50 grams without the snap-in. Lure Packed in sores of 2 items in one shade.

Colors significantly, mostly the shades are natural, soft, but amongst them you

can discover intense, very noticeable. Quality and performance

If you take the lure in hand, we can understand that we are managing an extremely high quality lure. In our viewpoint, the product from which it is made, was picked perfectly. This is extremely vital — — it impacts her operate in water as well as its resistance to the teeth of a predator.

Bait Impact Fat has on the entire length of the sides/ brushes, which is very common for this version».

Appointment This large attraction has in technique one function — it is used to capture prize fish — pike or catfish. Lots of fishermens, the question emerges: « How to rig this lure? ». There are two methods. Among them is utilizing a traditional jig head. We picked the 2nd approach is furnished with its 2 treble hooks, which were presented in the body of the appeal.

The benefit of this installation is that after a take the fish holds on tee without destroying the body of the appeal. An additional advantage is that with the swivel attached to the hold, we can change the functioning deepness of the


Price As we stated at the start, the lure is packaged in 2 pieces. The cost of one pack is around$ 10. Contrasting the rate with attractions of the same size Swing Impact Fat is a bit extra pricey.

At work

Undeniably, this bait has discovered its irreversible place in our Arsenal of lures for large pike. Video game lure is a lightweight, resonances of a body with a clear job enormous tail.

It can be used even without added shipping. In the water she uses no resistance as well as does not tire the hand. For the fishermen, it is extremely crucial, because when we fish, we invest the whole day there. Fish big fish and also huge lures ought to not impact the fatigue of the angler.

Overall impression

Fish happy to respond to this type of lure. Swing Impact Fat has actually supplied us with a great deal of fun as well as many amazing strikes of a predator. We are really delighted that the producer replied to the market’s assumptions and also offered us the tools that we have no reluctance being used for capturing a huge killer. Certainly, this is just one of the most effective silicone lures for pike.

We recommend this version!

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