Wobbler Lucky John: Basara, Anira and Haira

Not far off summer, and the beautiful half of humanity is already active in scouring the boutiques in search of new skirts, t-shirts and other rag tinsel to the new season to slay all on the felling his appearance.

Well, real men these days… also wander around the shops. However, their purpose is not clothing. With nothing to go on regular fishing, and what bait to take, so they are not ashamed to show off their catch? This question occupies the minds of real fans stay spinning. And, in the best tradition of the program “home shopping“, we are willing to give everyone a hint.

In anticipation of the summer season with three new collections released brand Lucky John. This line of crankbaits from professional series Basara, Anira and Haira. As you can guess by the names, all the pleasure come from the land of the rising sun – Japan. The development of these baits did the engineer, who himself is not averse to walk with a spinning rod, and “realized” he’s already up to the title of “leading specialist of sport fishing”.

And this fellow when he designed the above mentioned lures have added to them two clever systems, which are patented property of the Corporation. The First Magnetic Cast System. It allows you to effortlessly throw the bait far enough. And the second Outside Stabilizer System – as the name implies, is responsible for stabilization of the crank. Plus, all three series are available with the Japanese, and thus very high quality, catchy hooks and rings.

Lucky John Basara

Next, some details about each of the new products. Let’s start with the series Basara. Wobblers of this family belong to the class of the twitch and is designed to catch any predatory fish. They are available in 5 sizes: 35, 40, 56, 70 and 90 mm. The smallest version exists only in a floating variant with increased blade penetration. In all other cases you can find either the floating version or a suspender.

All lures in this series fly quite well and allow you to do pretty aggressive posting.

Additional stimulus for the predators will be and color of these lures. Bait Basara series can be found in 12 colours. Five of them designed by special order and are unique. To directories exclusive colors are numbered 103, 107, 108, 109 and 110. And two more options with rooms 302 and 303, due to its coloring can glow in ultraviolet rays.

Lucky John Anira

The second new collection is named Anira and belongs to the class of Wobbler shad. This is a great option for catching pikes and perches in shallow water in ponds or in areas with a slight current. In the pauses between spurts of posting bait hangs at the same place, provoking this attack of the fish.

Crankbaits Anira melkozubchato have an intense game and work well in any options transactions. By the way, the system is a Magnetic Cast System is this modification that allows you to make long casts and to choose absolutely any kind of transactions.

Produced wobblers of this family in three sizes 39, 49 and 69 mm, with only suspender. But a little added modifications and increased blade penetration. Colors in this family too, you can find 12 variants.

Lucky John Haira Tiny

And finally the third type of lures – the family of Haira. The family, perhaps the most modest, because the lures in it there are all the same size – 33 mm and only in a floating variant. But the choice of the designers here still left. On the Haira put two zaglubljajutsja blades.

In the model Haira Tiny Shallow Pilot it is very small and when speed posting, the bait will dive no deeper than 20 cm but in the version Haira Tiny Plus One blade is long and the crank can “sink” up to 1 meter.

By the way, if you stop posting Wobbler quickly POPs up that gives you the opportunity to get around the bushes and underwater snags. And when even leading, these baits are very intensive to play and form a visible wave that also excites predators. Best lures this family react Chub, trout, ASP, perch and pike-deltoides.

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