Fishing non stop

Again at the weekend visited the Volga. The water was almost fall, which means that the fish has become more and more active, eating sinking into the channel fry. It is a pity that this is only theoretical reasoning.

In practice, the water fell as it started to lift again and not detached from the discharge of water, the predator was clearly at a loss. It showed the first couple of hours of fruitless jig Postings on various “cool” places. A nice sounder draws fish from all sides, but mostly herds of carp, destroying all life around them. It is actively caught in a “CMYK” in all its manifestations, but it is, fortunately, not our way. The case was nearing evening, and the fish better as it does not become, it was therefore decided to choose a place to stay overnight on the water with the amendment that the father will catch on the donkey, and I’m going to be spinning.

And here put forward, we begin to catch. Sundown is in an hour, and some over activity was observed. What I had not dipped the jig, bites never made. But going to the cranks, with two casts caught a nice pickerel and perch, and this is encouraging.

Closer to the sunset again on the Wobbler can sometimes be a powerful bite, and somebody did not seem on the surface, straightening the tee, left home on business. Well, I think I’m going to reload and fight again. And after a few casts, history repeated itself. Again powerful bite and the fish comes to the surface, and presses down. Even assuming, who would it be, gradually accustomed to swing on a strong stream, do not get tired of fish. But after flashing silver flanks, and the net is ASP.

That you not bite on the jig, a good opponent again lipowy Wobbler and showed what he’s capable of. Then there was a lull and change of the pile of plastic toys, but the bite is still at least one ASP I never got. But at dusk, at sunset, I was honored by the presence of small holovlit, which attacked all the same deep Wobbler. As much as I managed in the dawn, had only one crank with a strong active game.

The boat took one rod – universal Maximus Advisor 2.5 m to 42 gr. He had to drive in diverse situations, and he was in the right place at the right time. With the jig I already checked on BB and any discoveries not made in terms of good sensitivity. But with the lure, his work is a little surprised with the habit. Externally fast Patriach, under load tipovyh krinkov, the form began to be included when posting somewhere on 1/3, while reacting to the movement of the crank remained stock for a good powerful cutting.

Something reminded sibiravia stick for crankbaits eminent Japanese, of course in a more affordable version, but still. Due to the building also did a good job on the casts parousiasi lures, sending them away like a catapult with ottyaga.

But I digress. Next was night fishing and there was supposed to be fun, but it turned out not so rosy as we would like. A ground rod at the father slowly caught carp, cincy and polemiki, and I have at this time till 12 at night there was not a single contact on a jig or lures. After midnight began some strange contacts, Sedivy for the fish, but she’s not Bouncing off.

On one of the next casts, at last, feel the bite and fish the night feeling strange behavior of fish, and in my head imagination draws a picture of the next trophy, in fact you can see only spinning, not more. And my intuition does not fail me, after a short time playing in the boat is… Carp.! Strange, but spotted it on the chin on the orange vibrohvost in size 4″ Sensor, while managing to almost break. It is not clear how he did it, but the fact remains. Then all night again as it was clearly sudchina bite, but it ended with the eating of rubber right next to the double, and the fish I didn’t even hold.

By dawn I was resolute, loaded more orange vibrohvosta got more tipovyh crankbaits and gradually changed them as backlava. First woke up perch, small, but at least I got – and this is encouraged. However biting they were not added and 15 minutes, but a few loose ends to get it to catch.

Then tried a lot of things to no avail, when suddenly another permutation not far from the boat chasing a single notice ASP. Size there was clearly 5 kg, and the bursts he’d have been given even when the morning’s soft breeze. Putting the time-tested, Luremax Garletta 60S on the second wiring get a powerful bite, and then a struggle ensued. The strong heat of the ASP was just not to move, he pressed deep and played off, meter by meter, cord. About 5 minutes nothing was simply impossible to do.

Then fish started to give up and slowly approach the boat, but to uproot it in the surface just had no chance. Tried several times to get the landing net, but to no avail. In General, the upshot was that playing, with shaking hands, a crank geared to the edge of the landing net and gone fish. At a glance the fish was more than 3 kg, but the exact weight naturally now will remain a mystery. Why was he so vigorous and powerful too, is unclear, but a nice fish, which he gave me, just remember.

Then again changes, the rapid descent of one of the smaller fish, and finally caught sarasper, slightly over 2 kg. of The vigor that his previous counterpart, he certainly didn’t show, but he kept at it long enough.

After this bite ended, and as I hadn’t tried anything worthwhile caught was not only the herring occasionally attacked my lure diluting reigned complete silence under water. The sun by that time beginning to be rather hot, and tired but happy, we decided to finish this interesting fishing and go home.

Unusual happened fishing. Working in the evenings dips, in the morning popularnosti, the jig is almost silent, Zander almost was not, on the whole, the bite of a predator was frankly “not very”, but managed to stretch and get some water, breathe some fresh air. All the same interesting and unusual fishing trophies and more on new visits.

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