Good and bad wind for fishing

Today I will tell you how to choose the place for fishing, not to sit waste arriving at the pond. I write this article, for those who come to fish from afar. After talking with visitors, I was convinced that very few people know how the fish behaves when a particular wind.

It’s all very simple, there is water there is fish, no water – no fish. When the water is too many, the bite is worse than the average water.

The influence of wind on fishing: personal experience

Given the mass of water in the estuary, a very large impact on the water level in the channel having the wind. The stronger it blows, the faster the reset, the content of the channels due to the pressure on the huge water surface of the estuary. The water as it “dents” in the channels. If the wind blows from the channel to the estuary, the water starts to go away, and Vice versa. I saw a picture of how water went on 2 meters for one hour. When the water in the channel filled previously dry shores flooded, opening new “feed grazing” fish, and from the estuary, stalling food for formed for.

In summer, the locks keep the water level, covering and uncovering them, in order to avoid severe floods during heavy wind. But the beach doesn’t get enough water to it was full summer and the beach gradually dries up. There are only channels that feed on the keys, known as Kuban “beams”.

In the estuary the fish is also not standing still. Customize it with the wind to the shore, towards which it blows. Waves of muddy water, rising from the bottom of previously inaccessible fish food.

In the spring the situation is somewhat different. Of estuary fish are spawning up the channels, trying to get on the overgrown shallows for spawning a timely manner. In order to start fishing at the beach, open the gateway, create for, and harvested fish in the so-called “pit” in front of him. Fish stuffed literally 15 minutes after opening of the gateway. Then, it passed into the flux and cover the airlock.

Now about the wind for fishing. If it blows up, the fish drawn in to the gateways, but from the marshes, when blowing back, respectively, to the opposite shore.

Who knows such details, that to this day successfully catches the fish just focusing on the wind direction. The wind in his ode to the side – go to one place, the wind another, go to another. So learn the map if the pond is not familiar, and don’t count on Russian “maybe”.

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