Tackle for fly fishing

Primarily aimed at fly fishing for surface predators, which in search of food rise in the upper water layer.

The most sporty and exciting type of fishing – fly fishing. Fly fishing dates back to the medieval times started in Europe. Many say that this was the start of the use of artificial lures.

We all know that every fishing trip begins with the collection of tackle and this method is no exception. Before you are immersed in tons of information about the technique and tactics of fishing, let us consider the tackle for fly fishing in detail.

Probably the most, and if not the then one of the important components of this rod. The main task of the rod extension of the hand of the fisherman, it is for the correct game and casting a lure.

Requirements for the rod is the following:

  • Video form;
  • Elasticity;
  • Flexibility;
  • Strength.

Novice anglers are encouraged to give preference to rods 2.5 meters in length. The structure of the rod directly affects its rate of reaction when changing loads. Not going to read more into what this system and which system is better, there’ll be a lot of talk, and you came not for this court.

Functions reels for fly fishing are a little different from other ways of fishing. Its main purpose is help when playing big fish and storing the fishing line.

Fly reels are divided into three types:

  • Baitcasting;
  • Single;
  • Auto;

For beginners fishermen tackle for fly fishing will have a minimum requirements, this also applies to the coil, it will be quite the simplest model, the main thing that it was light and had a brake. And should accommodate up to 40 meters cord with a diameter of about 0.4 mm. Only with experience you will learn to choose the correct coil. Here choosing the cord you need to know quite a lot and to apply this knowledge in practice.

By analogy with the coils and all the gear for fly fishing, cords are also divided into three types:

  • Floating;
  • Sinking;
  • Weakly sinking ;

Choosing the type of cord you need to follow the fishing skills, the degree of buoyancy of the cord depends on which layer of water you plan to fish. Floating and slightly sinking line is used when fishing in the upper layer of water, drowning during fishing the bottom and middle layer. Accordingly, the color of the cord is selected depending on conditions of catching, the main thing that it was noticeable.

For beginners better to use cords floating type. If you’re worried about your cord lasts as long as possible it needs to be wet with a special solution every time you go fishing.

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