Winter fishing pole

Winter fishing – which can be compared with the rest on the ice, with fresh, frosty air, and even with the catch, after a week of work at work. On the river, on the reservoirs and lakes every weekend, and even working days, a quiet hunt begins. , perch, pike, and toll places on trout.

In the summer, you need to notice where the habitats of the schools of fish are, because you will not see anything under the ice.

You will need to drill a few holes until you find parking. Each with a backpack and tackles, with some boxes and sudochki – like a mosaic on a white canvas. But first you need to disassemble the gear and ways of fishing. The most popular way is float fishing rods with a vertical or steep way of fishing, fixture – lures. Fishing when using spinners is called lurening and is used mainly in winter. For ice fishing, you need to pick up a winter fishing pole for glittering.

Rod selection

We start with the choice of rods. So, as the habitat of the shoal is not yet known, it will be necessary to change the place of fishing between several holes. Tackles should be compact, and the handle should not freeze in frosty air. Therefore, the handle on the rod, choose made of foam or cork.

The whip is the most working element, it should not be one, it is selected according to sensitivity, and also be elastic and reliable. The length of the whip from 30 to 60cm. You should take several different lengths with you to go fishing, so that if necessary you can quickly change them to a whip of the required length.

Before the whip need to pick up a nod. You need to acquire a few pieces, so that later it would be possible to fit it to the minnow. In order to determine which elasticity is suitable, you need to conduct an experiment. You need to lower the weight to the bottom, when you touch the bottom, the nod is straightened. Pull the fishing rod up and tackle sags at an angle of up to 60 degrees. It should not be less than 40 degrees, with these parameters – need replacement.

For the convenience of lowering the fishing line to the bottom is selected, respectively, and the coil. Having a magnetic system for braking, the weight should be light.

We select the winter minnow, which is different in color from the summer. The spoon, which picks up the fishing line by the upper part and works vertically (vertical or vertical) is the winter version. For night glitter, you need to take on the coloring bright, brilliant, and in the morning and in the afternoon the coloring should be in dark colors. For fishing for large pike take a special kind of bait, which is called the “dragon”. It is considered poaching because it inflicts such damage to a fish in which a fish, if it falls off a hook, does not survive.

Having picked up all the component parts, you can assemble an excellent winter fishing rod with your own hands, and who does not want to do this, can buy a complete set. In specialized stores you can purchase a winter fishing pole for the firm of Kaida. The most popular is considered “Kaida Dynamic”, which is moderately flexible, the handle is rubber, the whip is removed. Tackles are suitable for fishing on predatory fish species using balancers.

Catch fish – predators

Winter fishing rods for glamor on the perch should have a length of 50cm, with an open reel, which is removed and equipped with a reliable brake. The sensitivity of winter gear should be much better than that of summer. Udilnik can be folding (telescopic – it folds like old telescopes), but the length is short. The rod is equipped with a hard nod or without it. You need to pick up the nod correctly, as fishing depends on its work.

When immersed, it leans down to an angle of 50 degrees and when the feeder touches the bottom, it should straighten. For spinners, nods of different rigidity are needed, so take a few with you. A nod can be made from the nipple itself, but it is not durable, especially in the cold. Pay special attention to the handle of the fishing rod, it should be from a material that is not susceptible to frost (cork or propylene). Hlystic or udilnik choose medium hardness to catch fish of different weights. With all the care, choose, depends on the catch.

Fishing rods

The most purchased fishing rod for spinning on zander is the tackle of the company “Kaida”. They have hard whip, cork handle, rod length up to 70cm.

The Nordic model of winter fishing rods is famous Finnish company Salmo for the production of fishing tackles. They have comfortable, non-freezing handles, a hard nod of the appropriate length. The coil is removable, comfortable with an uncovered spool for winding fishing line, with a magnetic brake system. The material from which everything is made is durable plastic (the main difference between this model and models from other manufacturers). Winter fishing rods of this company have on the handle switch in the form of keys, which is very convenient. The set includes a six with a handle in the form of a ceramic tulip and a stainless steel ring for fishing line with wiring.

In the domestic market, AliExpress is engaged in fishing rods, where large quantities of models of various firms, including from China, are received. The Rompin model is in demand. The same demand is the fishing rod of the company “Dagezi”. Models are practical, made of durable material, with reliable equipment and at an affordable price.

Homemade winter fishing rods

You can not spend on the acquisition of expensive gear, and make them with your own hands. The handle can be made from cork, it is very light and comfortable, especially in the cold. With your own hands you can cut a comfortable wooden handle. From the side of the end we drill a hole – a place to fix the whip with glue. We define its length by ourselves.

A nod is attached to the top of the fishing pole made of nipple or spring. With the help of electrical tape, attach the coil to the handle – winter rod – homemade ready. You can cut the handle out of the foam, but you need to find so tight that it does not crumble. All schemes and the sequence of parts fastening can be found on fishing sites, where the whole process of work is described in detail.

Sports Fishing Rods

The most popular brand for sports glitter is the Salmo John LDR fishing pole. They are compact, small-sized, fixing the whip is made with the possibility of removing it, folding parts are placed in a bag or even in a pocket. There are many variants of this model, variants of coils and whips, which one to choose from your experience.

Winter popular fishing rods

The choice of winter fishing rods for glamor is very diverse, different companies offer their products to choose from. The most popular gear Finnish firms “Teho” and “Delfin”, but to buy them is not always possible. Brand best selling “Teho 90”. The whip is made of fiberglass, the body is made of frost-resistant plastic, the coil is 90 mm in diameter with a convenient brake. All gear is very light and comfortable. The diameter of the coil is chosen by the model of this company – 50mm, 70mm. This gear handle is made of cork.

Based on this model, a tackle called the Killer Whale was made. Her pen is in the form of a tulip, very light, the coil has a magnetic system of spontaneous winding of fishing line. With all the rigging – fishing rod weighs only up to 25 grams. Also excellent tackles by Stinger Arctic are suitable, they are lightweight and comfortable for winter shine.

The best-selling manufacturing tackle made by Japanese firms is Shimano. This company is engaged in the development and production of sports equipment, including for fishing. All models are great for winter glitter, they are light and practical, and are in great demand. They have a number of advantages and telescopic gear for winter glitter.

A large batch of winter fishing rods for glitter was released by an American company with the world name “ST Croix”, which for more than 50 years has been taking the leading place in the production of fishing gear. Fishing rod for winter fishing with a fixed nod that does not need to be replaced. Lightweight cork handle for holding, the body of which is made of carbon fiber, which gives lightness and flexibility, as well as reliability. Experienced fishermen, testing these tackles, came to the conclusion that no company produces them more reliably.

Trout fishing in winter differs from fishing to other types of fish. This fish is caught during the day, and especially at sunrise, at night, the success is dubious. Only paid fishing is allowed for this type of fish. The trout does not go far into the depths of the river or reservoir, it should be caught not very far from the shore. For trout fishing used winter fishing pole with a nod and glitter. Baits are used both artificial and made from natural products. Fishing need to take several types of bait and change as needed. A special place is occupied by the tail of the shrimp, this is a favorite delicacy of trout. Artificial bait should be shiny and of different shapes, but resemble the shape of a shrimp.

On winter gear for catching large specimens, there must be a reel with a brake, which, when resisted by a large specimen, can itself release and wind the fishing line (friction). Each type of brake has its advantages: the front one is light, very sensitive, but during winter fishing it creates difficulties when working with a spool. The back has a drawback only in decent weight, but it works fine for different weight of fish, especially large ones.

If winter fishing involves a trophy catch, try using a vertical, sheer glitter. For starters, a lure is selected, which will smoothly sink. Lower it to the bottom, and then jerk raise to 50cm (approximately), and again gently release to dive. If several holes are drilled, it is possible to conduct such wiring 6-8 times each. After such a game, the catch is provided.

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