Overnight at tent the machine fall

The article provides a description of the night in a cheap tent machine with heating is a gas stove. Inexpensive and comfortable. Plate of ceramics – your safety. No open fire.

The market tents today

Nowadays the market is flooded with a variety of goods for tourism, including the fishing summer and winter. This includes tents. Most often it is a cheap tent made in China. Our colleagues and friends from the “middle Kingdom” accurately determine the demand for fishing products in category of consumer goods, and quickly filled the market with your offer.

Usually the Internet can see and hear the negative reviews about the cheap Chinese tents. And in my experience, too, have been convinced of the frailty and the fragility of many Chinese goods if it was not about audio and video equipment.

No, for some reason fishing goods, looks like brands and companies, there were often unsuccessful. Bought, for example, a net, very similar to the brand. It was enough for one time before the first big pike. And then had to repair and upgrade, using Russian ingenuity, have not yet bought a new one. And such cases were not uncommon.

Tent for winter fishing on imitation fish

Winter catching mostly pike on the imitation fish, saw no need in winter tent and generally in some kind of shelter with four walls and a roof over my head, as I had during the whole fishing day to watch for alert flags zherlits. If you climb into the tent, it’s easy to miss the release of the predator for feeding, raising of the flag and the unwinding of the coil, when the pike goes into the shelter, the path of swallowing the bait. In such cases of late cutting can lead to loss of production.

Although, of course, often fish catches and samolov, without undercuts. But it is better to be always ready. Typically, to protect against wind put on the ice shelter made of poles, covered with plastic wrap. If not at hand, of polyethylene or canvas, then laid out the wall from snow bricks carved fishing scoop Nastya in hard or Packed snow in the likeness of the eskimo igloos. And the night usually left in the warm hut with the stove on the Volga island.

But one day, gathering his sons to March ice and planning for a night on the ice, was forced to buy winter tent. Cheap, Chinese, as to go on fishing already tomorrow, and to choose a tent in no time. And with the money at the time had some difficulties. Thought so, saying, take this time a Chinese fake, useful in the economy, and then throw not sorry. In short, bought a tent, stove with ceramic burner and spare gas cylinders and began to gather.

But there is information about the dugout, which I didn’t before. Moreover, as we said, it is often empty. And that March morning, we went without a tent. Spent the night in the hut on the Volga island directly in front of the ice plateau where he was going to put tent, to catch bream.

The tent came in handy in the fall

But the tent suddenly came in handy in the fall, in October, on catching burbot. We took her to the small river, is already white in some places along the banks of the first snow. Around the campfire the night cold. Here’s how: while lying down with his back to the fire, it often fries on a frying pan, but to shiver sneaks from the front.

Turn over, and here is the back covered with frost. One way out – housing. Or to put the shed with a flooring of poles, which the whole day the fire was burning. Moving the fire and putting in its place the canopy on half the night to ensure sleep warm (read more about this method of night fishing, read here).

We spent the night in that tent, and it turned out that night was, you might say, comfortable. Three times per night is included a gas stove. And it was enough to make the tent warm. The tent we have previously imposed the dry grass on the bottom, although the bottom was. In addition, closed top with plastic wrap. The tent, though, and called winter and even has in the bottom a recess in the locator drilling holes in the ice, but it is single layer.

No second inner tent of mosquito nets, as for my other tent, having even something like a hall. No second warm layer, like on the more expensive winter tents. But this tent is light and compact. Placed in seconds, seconds going. You only need to take it at the corners and start to squeeze inside. The tent itself is literally folded in three-ring and fits in your case.

How long is enough of this tent – only time will tell. For the first time for Chinese products while had no complaints, besides, given its price. But I would like to give some advice: on a gas stove is better not to save and take it with ceramic cooking plate without open flame. This is already a safety issue.

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