Overnight fishing

Overnight fishing is always associated with the metamorphoses of weather where the temperature changes are quite large, and if not to speak the language of boring numbers of the thermometer, the difference is often determined by the gray indevely in the morning, when trees crack from the cold, and slushy thaw by day with a grey sky and falling snow, turning into rain.

If you just spend the night around the campfire, the night seems not quite comfortable, if not more. The angler will simply be in the position of carp, which fry in the pan. While one side is warm, the other side would be hit the needle of icy wind and cold. And so all night long from side to side. All of these problems, of course, easily eliminated with the help of a good tent, where it is heated in a gas stove. So you can spend the night and in the winter on the ice in frost.

But the fact is that, often, winter fishing is often dedicated to catching burbot. And unlikely to succeed, lying in a tent, to respond to strumming feeder bell hanging from the box of the imitation fish or twig postavki. Therefore, we need alternative ways of night fishing.

Bed under a canopy

>Winter fishing on burbot almost always occurs in conditions of extreme or close to them. The night is cold with morning frosts, snowstorms and cold rains, icy North wind. While night fishing burbot necessarily require a warm shelter, a fire, even with good wood will only heat and a way to boil the tea. You can, of course, to establish the imitation fish postavki to climb into the warm tent and sleep until sunrise, and there remain only to test gear and to remove hooks from caught fish. This is also an option, and comfortable. But this requires a lot of installed gear and proven efficient place, which is not guaranteed, holds a lot of a predator. In a small forest river in such places sometimes are rare.

Also for lovers of night fishing burbot is very important the fact of the presence next to the gear, very pleased with the upgrade check box, imitation fish and strumming feeder bells installed on the gear. Usually this is the night fishing. But to return after capture fish in warm housing, you need to prepare it.

We usually barely arriving, clearing a place for the night of snow, certainly to the earth, begin to burn the fire on the cold sand, where you will place the bed. Am still engaged in fishing, as in this time, you can catch a good “white” fish and fish to live bait. Do not forget to throw the dead wood into the fire. But in the afternoon we start to prepare seriously to cold night. For this we find in the forest dry oak logs or oak fin. Often, all this represents a real windfall from fin somewhere in the valley. It is desirable to have a chainsaw, in the worst case – “durochka” or “odoroku”, but made of saw named “Friendship”. It once here and there, whack-whack, I – I’ll…

In addition to heavy artillery from logs to the forest fire-of node is necessary to prepare many thirsty for ignition and lights, and should lie ready coils of birch bark, cut ahead of time, povedlo. There are all sorts of liquids for ignition do not use. Leave it to city barbeque.

In advance it is necessary to fill a thermos. Hot tea is very popular in the fishing process and preparation for bed. Tea in thermoses to do better with lemon. In between times you can boil water in a pot and brew forest tea made from shoots of the forest wild currant and wild rose branches. Often on the wild rose bushes and the berries are stored even in the winter. This tea is very fragrant and useful. You can do without supplements black tea.

But back to the bed

Closer to the evening bonfire, which was burning all day, need to move in the direction, and in its place, on the hot sand, you must lay first, raw branches, then fir spruce branches. And then you can put the floor mats. But when the fire is dropped, it is necessary to carefully trace below on the sand left of the coals. Now, on this couch you need to install a primitive frame made of poles laid on the side spears.

Then the frame will only be covered with polyethylene or other material. Definitely need a middle cross member so that the polyethylene does not SAG in the middle. Also need a closed sidewall which at the day can be opened. So, housing is ready. On the stove from the hot sand, under the roof and next to the campfire you will not be cold in frosty and snowy night.

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