Moose hunting in Norway

For hunting elk in Norway nazivajut dogs such as huskies. Bred in Norway the hounds are medium-sized, but mating and profitable.

In contrast to other countries in the Scandinavian Peninsula, Norway is poor in forests: they cover only 24.5 per cent of its territory. 72 per cent of the mountain ridge and plateau, almost devoid of woody vegetation. The share of arable land and grassland remains barely 3.5 percent.

Despite this, there are many red game deer, elk and ROE deer and more rabbit, pheasant and partridge are particularly 80-90 thousand are fond of hunting Norwegians are about equally divided upon the inhabitants of cities and rural areas.

Hunting in Norway

Crown sport hunting in Norway I think moose and reindeer. Hunting these ungulates because of the uniqueness of the Norwegian landscape, complexity of the terrain requires the hunter a lot more knowledge and skill than, for example, the same hunting in Sweden. The moose hunting season from year to year opens September 27 and lasts until 10 October, i.e. during the rut, when the antlers of the bulls are at their peak and have no defects, 8 the first post-war years the country has shot 3-4 thousand moose; now this figure has exceeded 7 thousand. To shoot each animal becomes the hunter in the Ministry of forestry special permission.

The minimum area of land, which must have hunter to get the right to shoot the moose, varies in different provinces from 250 to 3000, with an average 500-800 hectares, due to the nature of the terrain and the specifics of hunting and shoot them in battue or driven hunts, but only with the dog, which, when set in the search, finds and keeps the animal to the approach of the owner, or taken on a leash, has an arrow to the beast on the trail. Apply for this hunt the same dogs as in Sweden and Spitz-like huskies, which you can see on one of the images. No mankame, simulating a groan elk, Norwegian hunters do not use.

The total number of moose in Norway now amounts to 35 thousand and is growing steadily. Large animals: carcass weight stags often reaches 300 kilograms. However, as in Sweden, in their herd the unfavourable age and sex changes: the bulls, especially large ones, is too little, everywhere prevail moose. In the last few years to encourage the shooting of females, hunter, who put the moose in return made them money. Also being promoted shooting of young animals to keep the powerful stags for the best reproduction of the moose population. Not surprisingly therefore, in recent years the country has decreased not only the average slaughter weight of these ungulates, but their sporting value.

Hunting reindeer in Norway

Reindeer in Norway more than anywhere else in the other Nordic countries. Especially a lot of it in the three areas of the Hardangervidda, Dovrefjell and Setesdalen. For many years it lasts the struggle between hunters who want to see wild reindeer in the field.

The hunt for wild reindeer, allow 1 to September 25, Norwegian prefers to all other kinds of hunting sports. It is not easy, requires a lot of endurance and patience. These careful ungulates usually kept on the open plateau. All day sits another hunter in ambush, before you even see the animals. The number of wild reindeer in Norway is defined in 40-45 thousand animals, of which shoot every year 7-8 thousand, i.e. 17 to 20 percent. Hunt deer only on an individual basis, without a dog. The law allows to apply for a hunting only rifle caliber 8 mm and larger, permitted equipment optical sight; except for two powerful hunting cartridges 6,and 7 5х55,62х63 of a millimeter. Shooting single shots are allowed, so multiply the carbine store must be blocked off completely, pereselyayuchys mechanism, and the use of machine guns is generally prohibited.

The police not only carefully monitors compliance with these rules, but also allow hunting of deer only shooters who have passed the test, knocking out ten shots from a distance of 100 meters at least 80 points. Successfully passed such a test given permission this year to hunt also on mountain ungulates. The right to hunt moose give 48 points, embossed with the same distance with six shots. Hunting is allowed only with the gun, from which the hunter fired on test. By the way, the ability to shoot hunters must demonstrate before you buy guns, then the police gives him a special permission to acquire and use weapons.

The red deer inhabits and Western Norway. From the point of view of horn jewelry and weight he is not particularly powerful and similar to those same inhabitants of the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. Hunting him from September 15 to October 14, only license, and as the reindeer, only within a pre-determined planned limit. To get a single license is required possession of at least 100 hectares of land. Dogs for this hunt is rarely used, ambushes are not practiced at all; you usually hunting with beaters.

Hunting for ROE deer in Norway

Shooting deer, which in Norway, there are 150 thousand, is allowed from October 1 to December 23. Shooting is hoofed mainly of shotguns with buckshot.

Hunting for upland game birds in Norway

Among Norwegians very many followers summer-autumn hunting with pointer on the gray partridge that broods of the coniferous forest capercaillie and black grouse. Later upland game hunting with Laika. In the moss bogs and the mountains are very popular hunting for white partridges with a pointer or setter; in recent years, recognition of the benefits also German cops and spaniels. The average annual shooting of game birds is 500 thousand lagopus, 40 thousand grouse, 100 thousand black grouses, 10 thousand grouse, 7-8 thousand snipe, 25 thousands of geese and duck river; on the coast also shoots back up to 100 thousand sea ducks and other waterfowl, the figures quoted I borrowed, usually from statistical reports of the Norwegian Union of hunters and fishermen.

The predators of the Norwegian hunters has always attached great importance. More recently, for each killed a brown bear the premium paid. But still will be rewarded with the shooting of Wolverine, wolf and lynx. In neighbouring countries for these activities are frowned upon, frowned upon, fearing the complete disappearance of the already rare large predators. However, fighting them does not abate, as owners of reindeer herds and sheep flocks are constantly complaining about the damage to cattle these carnivores, particularly wolverines and bear.

This damage, obviously exaggerated, since four-legged predators in Norway. Every year shoot only 1-3 bears, 1-2 wolf, 20-25 lynx, and Wolverine, and I believe that they come into the country from neighbouring Sweden. Annually prey to hunters is also about 30 thousand 80-100 foxes and otters.

Not to mention about the polar bear found in the Arctic ocean North of Norway, i.e. around Svalbard. It preys on not only the local fishing and hunting population, hunted fish and sea mammals, but also for foreign hunters-athletes, for whom the summer months are equipped with two mobile based in Tromso, hospital. Annual shooting plan in the range of 250-300 polar bears, most of which is extracted in winter, the personnel of meteorological stations on the Islands of Berne, Hopane and Spitsbergen.

The right of hunting in Norway is closely linked to land ownership. Therefore, in order to get permission to shoot big game, small owners have to pool their land for joint hunting. State forests, as a rule, it is possible to rent, taking part in the special auctions. The opening of hunting elk, for example, precedes the whole procedure. Hunter sends in advance in the management of a forestry of the sealed envelope with the proposal of the fee for each animal. 1 September Forester of all the envelopes and reveal the most generous bidder gets the right to hunt in the forest cottage for only a short season. Valid for shooting, the number of ungulates forestry, of course, negotiated in advance. In addition to this rent, the hunter bears and other levies. He pays the state fee for each stag, about the appropriate membership fee adopted in other countries.

Some private individuals also rent out their possessions, but mostly prefer to hunt them yourself.

Hunting ground of Norway administered by the Department of forestry. Specific activities until recently carried two hunting organizations have now come together in one Norwegian hunting and fishing Union, which publishes its own monthly magazine. Now the country debated the question of establishing a single hunting period in all the Nordic countries.

Professional hunters, like those in the country. Only part of the highlanders of Central and Northern Norway hunting is one of the prominent sources of income and livelihood. They shoot and catch white partridges, and sell them in the cities. In the North there are a lot of hunters, extractive marine animals, but their hunting and fishing rarely prevails over fishing, work in agriculture or forestry.

Two and a half centuries ago, hunting in Norway was the exclusive privilege of the nobles and kings. Subsequently, she was associated with a specific land requirement, the size of manors and estates, the same as in Sweden, before the beginning of the century between these Scandinavian countries there was a close Union and both of them were under the auspices of the same king.

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