The carp fishing for the beginner

In this paper, we consider the question, how is fishing for carp. I hope You have already read the article Float rod for carp for a beginner gear have already been bought, assembled and You are ready to fishing for carp.

The process of catching carp on the float rod.

Here come the morning… Nature, sun, fresh air, birds singing….

The carp fishing for the beginner. The choice of location for fishing.

On the pond and choose a place for fishing for carp. It is desirable that this place was away from any traffic and noise. First of all, see the place where he had caught any fish: utopanie place near the water (not to be confused with a beach), all sorts of scattered boxes from worms, etc. (unfortunately, most anglers do not know how to clean up garbage after themselves).

The carp fishing for the beginner. Feeding carp.

Then you need to lure the fish, if You included this item. Cast the lure to the place of casting rods and then preparing the very rod for carp fishing. During the training of the carp will know that You are fishing and prepare for the active fish.

The carp fishing for the beginner. Preparation of float fishing rods to fishing.

Lay the bait and let the line on the entire length of rod for casting.

Now it is necessary to decide at what depths You will catch carp. If from the bottom, then you need to adjust the position of the float so that the sinker lying on the bottom, trying to make him throw the gear in the water. Make it simple: raise the float so that when casting it “lying” on the water, then begin to pull it down to the cargo, checking on the water, until it becomes a vertical position.

In other cases You just put a float in that depth where you want to catch.

All, put the bait on the hook, cast and wait for fish to bite the fat carp in the area.

The carp fishing for the beginner. Biting carp.

Regarding the biting: when the float just starts to move – be patient, wait for the carp takes the bait. You need to strike only when the float: sink, will lead to the side, or just lie horizontally on the surface of the water. Sometimes you have to strike when the twitches become stronger and more sharp, but it is a matter of experience that will come with time. Hooking sharply, but not hard, so fish were flying through your head – so You can just tear the fish’s lip and stay without a catch.

That’s all the secrets for the beginner fishing for carp on float tackle.

Still remember that the fish has eyesight and hearing. Try to make less sudden movements, and don’t make strong sounds – this might scare the fish.

All catch carp and enjoy the surrounding beauty…

P. S. let me Remind you that this article is intended for those who have no fishing experience but has a desire to catch fish and at the same time relax in nature.

Join the ranks of fishermen, You will love it! Start small, experience and knowledge come with time, and with them the variety of fishing different kinds of fish and different types of gear.

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