Silicone maggots. Mortising. Spinning.

Continue to tell about novelties of this season and today we will focus on very tiny bait, the size of which is only 0.5 inch (1.25 cm). Moresingle lures are becoming more popular as mortising. I think to do a review on this bait is very important, because many people will be interested.

Lure recalls and copies the larva of a maggot called “maggot”. Produces this bait is known to all Luremax.

Available in 5 colours – natural, orange, poison-green, yellow, and yellow corn. I’ve chosen orange, for some reason I wanted to try it irritating, bright color. In a pack of 50 baits, which will last for quite a large number of fishermen. Rubber of medium hardness and break her small perch or gobies is difficult.

At first fishing with these baits, I was fishing near the bridge and near the shore lay the slab. Perch and goby love such places obviously they need to be here.

My tackle for fishing tackle:

  • Spinning Maximus Egoist-x 602UL
  • Reel – Shimano Soare bb 2000pgss
  • Cord – Varivas Light Game #0.2
  • Flur – 0.12 mm

Tie a jig weighing 0.45 grams, and put in it the bait-larva Maggot Luremax in orange. First he held it beside her and watched her play. As with fishing any larva from the nozzle depends on many things, if you change the bend angle of the lure, and then play it will be completely different. In this case, the main thing is to experiment and try different options for the attachment.

Peck started with the first casts, the fish are not scared even the bright orange color, but only provoked to take. Of course in the summer bright colors are in fish demand, but I wonder will it work this bait in the fall in this color? Of course this is a matter of time and in the fall I will definitely test this lure.

First and foremost, the bait, said the bulls, which stood over the stove, and then came the perch. The implementation of bites of calves was relatively high, although this is always the problem when fishing over thick and long bait.

The perch did not want to raise the bait off the bottom and stood a little taller. Pelagic wiring (thicker) brought a good result and periodically there are not bad copies. Very effective was the spot when posting in the water, the lure has to pass from side to side in the fall and at this point, the bass attacked the bait. In the place where I was fishing, the white fish not much. I think if you try to catch the bait in natural color on some medium river, where there is a Podust, Dace, bleak, Rudd, the result will be excellent and these fish will react to maggots.

I saw a small plotnicki, size 4-5 cm was interested in the bait and followed her, but it looks like they lacked the courage to attack. In the end, fell ruff and it was the 3rd fish that I managed to catch this little test fishing.

In General, the Maggot is a very interesting bait that can catch with success, both predatory, and white fish. I will continue to test and try it in business! Thank you for your attention!

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