Rest in the Altai Territory

The development of rural tourism in Altai is one of the priorities in the development of the region. Without exception, all entrepreneurs provide “children of asphalt” the opportunity to tinker in the ground in the garden, feed the chickens and milk the cows.

Throughout the holiday, guests eat only natural products, fruits and vegetables.

At the disposal of tourists peace, tranquility and views of nature.

Swan Lake

Yuri Kharin, who discovered the “Uncle Yura” estate in the district center of the Sovetsky district, takes guests to the unique Svetloye lake, which does not freeze in winter. In the cold season swans live there. Because of this, the lake is also called Swan.

– However, it is forbidden to get close to the birds, it is forbidden, – the interlocutor says. – But on the shore built viewing platforms.

Yuri Ivanovich also likes to show the Babirgan mountain to tourists. Located on the left bank of the Katun, it is known that since the 1920s inscriptions have been left on it passing by.

– Many, of course, huge inscriptions like “Magadan 1938”, but there are also amusing drawings. While watching, I tell legends associated with this mountain.

Bungalow with a bath

For the third year in the village of Akutiha, in the Bystroistok district, the guest house “Solnechny” has been operating. An experienced herbalist helps tourists gather plants with unique healing properties.

– We brew collected herbs. You can simply inhalate the airways or drink tea as tea, says the hostess, Valentina Konokhova.

The woman graduated from special courses and with pleasure floats a city dweller with a unique method that she developed herself.

– In this case, I definitely use St. John’s wort and oregano. Recently I became interested in osteopathy, so I can say that our rest will be very useful for health.

In the village of Verkh-Ozernom of the same district there is a guest house of the Olkhin family. They offer guests 11 km long boat trips on Lake Zavyalovo. From the shore to the center of the reservoir built 20-meter bridge.

“The bath is located on the shore,” says Olga Olkhina. “But now we are processing a subsidy to build a bungalow with a bath right on the water next year.”

The uniqueness of the bath procedures in the Inn, which is located in the village of Santelek in the Charyshsky district, lies in the use of hay at the park. According to the mistress of the yard, Larisa Pastukhova, in the bath is used not a volcanic stone, but a local one, which is not inferior to the first one to retain heat.

And in the green house “Mountain Charysh” after the steam room you can swim in a vat of water, which is suspended on chains above the fire.

Ail and horses

The owners of the guest house “Legend”, which is located in the village Tumanovo of Soloneshensky district, delight tourists with horse riding. Alexey Sapegin, who meets visitors, says that he still doesn’t understand why city dwellers feel such a delight when combing the mane and tail on a bay or watching a horse being shod. And what about the cleaning in the stable!

– We also have ail – a dwelling like a yurt, a larch hut, though not quite traditional. For the convenience of tourists bunks replaced on the bed. But the hearth, which is located in the center, remained the way it should be.

Honey educational program

In the village of Akutiha (Bystroistoksky district) Sergey Shcherbakov arranged the estate “Golden Beehive” right on the apiary. This ensures complete immersion in the study of the life of bees and the characteristics of their breeding.

– As a rule, urban residents know almost nothing about beekeeping, – says Sergey Vasilyevich. – In addition to the theory, it is possible to put a hand to the rolling of honey or catching a swarm (when one of the queens leaves the hive and a part of the bee family rushes after it).

Rites and Sacraments

Guest house “Terem” is located in the village of Topolny Soloneshensky district. Elena Markova, the hostess of the house, arranges for tourists a real course of studying the history of the Old Believers. The guests visit a cultural center where crafts are made from clay, traditional costumes are embroidered, they try their hand at making a rag doll, and together with the Polyanka team they take part in various games, rituals and sacraments, dance and learn songs.

“All information on the Old Believers was collected by themselves for several years,” says Elena Borisovna.

The woman noted that next year they plan to introduce master classes in weaving from the rod, as well as installing a loom.

We are looking for fish places

If you want to know everything about the manufacture of fishing gear, then you should give preference to the guest house of Vladimir Konovalov, which is located in the village of Ust-Kazha, Krasnogorsk district. Training takes place on the Biya River and its tributaries.

Manor “Ust-Chumysh” is also fully focused on fishermen. Here they learn to feed the fish correctly, to keep spinning or feeder.

“No fisherman will tell you where the fish places are located,” laughs Dmitry Yermolov, the owner of the manor. – Therefore, we still teach how to accurately identify them.

By the way, if you are completely new, the teachers will supply you with all the necessary equipment.

Gold mine

In the guest house “Taiga Land”, located at the station Pyagun Zarinsky district, take fans of outdoor activities.

“I myself am a sportsman in the past,” says the owner of the estate, Evgeny Vereshchagin. – Therefore, I go hiking and cycling with tourists. We can go to the mountains. In winter we go skiing. By the way, the national team of the region is training not far from us, so you can watch their technique or even ask for advice. This winter we plan to introduce training in alpine skiing.

Evgeny Alekseevich is currently negotiating with a gold mine located not far from the manor. Everything leads to the fact that next year it will be possible not only to visit the holy of holies of the gold industry, but also to take part in the washing of the precious metal.

Demidov mine

Vyacheslav Trunov, the owner of the Bear Corner estate, located in the village of Cherepanovsky, Zmeinogorsky District, is happy to drive his clients to the museum and historical places of the district. But the main excursion is a trip to the old Demidov mine.

As usual in almost all the owners of guest houses, Vyacheslav Petrovich tells the story of the mine itself.

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