Harvesting of browse feed

The collection of branches and twigs is the harvesting of browse feed. The workpiece is made from side material: felling, which is cutting various kinds.

The collection can be performed during the harvesting in the ripe and ripening plantations, while clearing firebreaks, in the presence of young plants in hayfields. This should take into account that harvesting of browse feed suggests the presence of written permission.

Harvesting of browse feed possible and at the root, made when cutting down the undergrowth and shrub species of trees during the implementation of the plan of the Leskhoz. In this case, the necessary LeSabre for forest management. It is prohibited to collect branches feed the growing plants!

What would be harvesting of browse feed? For use as feed for wild animals and livestock, since branches contribute to the development and growth of the animal, help the good digestibility of forages in General.

Frequent donors of quality feed are:

  • poplar,
  • Linden,
  • maple,
  • ash,
  • birch,
  • aspen,
  • elm,
  • hornbeam.

Forage conservation and more popular with hardwoods, as it is particularly valuable, and the younger the plant, possessing amount of foliage and fine branches, so it is useful. It should be noted that the leaves of the trees are enriched with protein, carotene, fats, menisectomy and amino acids.

The coniferous trees have essential oils, tannins, resinous substances, vitamins B, C, E and carotene.

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