Terrarium for snails Achatina: container care and maintenance

The snail Achatina is one of the most popular Pets nowadays. Care for clams annually attracts more and more people. But if you are a beginner and have not yet made their choice in favor of this exotic pet, you should thoroughly examine this question.

What care and maintenance needs snail Achatina? Some need a terrarium for snails Achatina? And what’s better: aquarium or container? Consider everything in order.

Terrarium for snails Achatina their hands

Shellfish, which will be discussed in our country is the inhabitants of subtropical, temperate climate. They can die from the slightest cold, so need special conditions. In addition, for breeding snails Achatina need to make or buy special terrarium, which will be exactly reproduced their habitat in the wild.

Ideal for decorating a terrarium for snails is a tank. It is easiest to create the necessary conditions. The advantages of the aquarium should be attributed to the lack of possible drafts or cold. During the day the aquarium may be maintained at room temperature and create a moist climate.

Tip: before starting such an exotic creation, you need to know that Achatina could die without proper attention. A striking example of this will be reducing their activity.

How to be a terrarium for snails
  1. The volume of the aquarium should be at least ten liters per clam. Therefore, buying an aquarium, you should focus on the fact that the clam sooner or later will grow and he will need a lot of space.
  2. In the aquarium needs to be cover. Cover need not simple, and in the hole. This will provide ventilation and at the same time protection from proletaria snails through the aquarium.
  3. Perfect home for snails is the house with the following dimensions: height – 20 inches, width and length of 30 inches.
  4. The aquarium should be placed in a dark corner. In contact with the snails to direct sunlight they can perish.
The arrangement of the terrarium for agatino

Terrarium or aquarium should contain some elements, which can recreate the normal living environment:

  1. The ground for akatinol must be from the moss or coke substrate.
  2. In a terrarium you will need to put several containers in which you will make the necessary nutritional supplements for the snails. It can be mixed grain, supplements of calcium and daily food.
  3. Be sure to place special baths, but they don’t have to have a lot of water so the snails drowned.
  4. Best suitable capacity for bathing made of plastic.
  5. Tubs, troughs, bowls should be firmly attached so they are not accidentally turned over.
  6. In the terrarium should be installed thermometer, hydrometer and other necessary elements to maintain the external environment.
  7. For cleaning you should always be ready a sponge that absorbs.
  8. Needed is a spray that will help to maintain the moisture in the terrarium. Simple spray, you can moisturize the environment of your terrarium.
Terrarium for snails: container

For the maintenance of snails in the apartment can be used a plastic box. It is ideal for this purpose. Its the optimal amount for keeping snails is up to 40 liters. If you would like to save, as the container can take a plastic box. It can be transparent storage box products. It can be represented with a removable cap and having a round hole for ventilation.

Container height must be at least 20 centimeters. Length of the dwelling snails must be at least 30 centimeters. The spacious house, the more you will be able to grow snails. Especially important this option is for those who are going to separate them.

As with the aquarium, the container must have a permanent support level of humidity. The terrarium in the form of a plastic box should not stand in direct light. Snails can not bask in any case. They have a special sensitivity and should always be in dark, humid places, but not in the sun. This can lead to dehydration and further the death of the snails.

Substrate and decoration terrarium for snails

The important thing is that you have to perform is add in the aquarium box and substrate for the substrate. For large akatinol – adults – the base should be at least 10 inches. You can buy special soil or rihanny the sand in the gardening shop.

Tip: on the packaging of the soil must be specified the pH of the substrate. For agatino the perfect option can be considered to be pH 7.0. A soil with a low pH can cause damage to the skin of the snail or its shell. Therefore, it is best not to neglect this advice to keep an exotic pet.

In that case, if you use soil from your own garden, then place in a container with soil, worms, beetles, flies and other insects. In this embodiment, the soil should be sterilized. It is placed in a hot oven or refrigerator. Infection and avoid various unpleasant moments will only clean the treated substrate. You can use sand or coconut substrate, it is soft and harmless.

For agatino is possible to equip the house with his own hands. Then your pet will be comfortable during the day and during rest. As the basis for the self-made house can come broken clay pots or interesting shells and stones. You need to simultaneously put an equal amount of soil and decor, as some snails prefer to live in soil and others on rocks. To determine how best to behave snail Achatina possible, placing it in the aquarium or container.

For Pets is to place a small dish of water, but not too deep so they don’t drowned. It is best to plant in the terrarium of live plants. Ivy, ferns and moss will be a wonderful choice for the aquarium, where the humidity is highest. Ivy is very flexible and can be suitable even for small tanks.

Cover for terrarium for snails Achatina

One of the important parameters for the life of snails Achatina is ventilation and humidity in the aquarium. Cover affects many processes. The more aeration (aeration), the less humidity in the tank. Cover in this case is responsible for one of the most important processes in the content akatinol.

Aeration will ensure the holes on the lid and sides of the container. In that case, if you took household plastic container, with the help of sewing you will be able to make holes. If you have cover from the container, then it is better to make a small window. It is desirable to cover the hole with a mosquito net. It is particularly important that your terrarium does not hit the insects. The mesh is glued on the outer side of the glue quick action. The snail should not be in contact with the adhesive. For agatino the soil should be moist, clean and not wet.

Tip: in order to maintain normal humidity levels, you should spray the container through the holes, which you have done in advance.

Tip: if the house akatinol too wet, you may need a few holes. If it’s too dry, despite the constant spray of water, you can try to cover some of the existing holes with plastic film.

Care anatinae at home

Caring for exotic Pets consists of many tasks. Without proper hygiene and cleaning of the terrarium Achatina can get sick, ceases to multiply or perish. Many owners akatinol combine cleaning aquarium with swimming animals. Bathe the snails need akuratno. Contrast shower from the tap it is best to replace snails by spraying from a spray. Hot and cold water can harm your Pets.

Care shell Achatina

Care of the shell of molluscs is one of the primary tasks of the owner akatinol. There are various reasons that lead to the deterioration of the shell. Not to miss the beginning of the development of the disease, you need to constantly examine pet. During the inspection you should pay attention to the cracked and chipped carapace. Only a specialist in this area to remove the cause of their formation. In the home can help a non-toxic glue.

Care shell consists of several stages.

We consider each of them:

  1. The strengthening of the shell material. It must be resistant to mechanical damage. The sink is best treated with calcium or crushed shell.
  2. Damaged areas can be colonized independently. But to accelerate this process the shell is to stick with non-toxic glue or plaster. During this procedure, you must ensure that no glue got on the body of the animal and not harmed him.
  3. Aggressive snails can chew off a body part of another animal. Therefore it is necessary to isolate these snails and their shells lubricated with vaseline that it was bad for the neighbors.
  4. The terrarium should be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate. Otherwise it gets mites or fungus. This may cause shell damage.
Caring for the eggs of snails Achatina

Eggs shellfish should be in the substrate permanently. It needs to be moist in the dry environment of the egg may die. Moisten the soil is not recommended, as it can bring harm to the shellfish. The optimum temperature for clam is 28 degrees. Eggs are not recommended to touch the soft shell may be damaged.

Caring for kids akatinol

Small Achatina easy to clean and, unlike adults, do not cause any concern. One mollusc can reach up to 80% of eggs. The babies hatch on day 21. There are times when they can appear at day 28. To transplant the offspring is only recommended if the terrarium is enough space. Individuals at the age of six months is recommended to transplant to prevent uncontrolled mating.

Feeding Achatina

Feeding Achatina is one of the most important processes of care. Akatinol should not feed the acid and calcium. The death of shellfish can lead salt. But also, do not offer snails acidic food. It is not necessary to feed them flour products.

Achatina should not eat potatoes and green tomatoes. Ready products also do not give Achatina. They are sweet, smoked and fried foods.

It is recommended to settle within one tank of 10 liters of no more than one Achatina. These African snails are quite large, to live in overcrowded conditions. You can prepare a terrarium with a volume of 30 liters, and run back two snails. But remember – they are prolific, and produce offspring several times a year.

For the second pet it is recommended to prepare another terrarium. If you decide to use soil from your own garden, be prepared to bring to the aquarium worms, beetles, flies and invisible parasites. For this reason, it is recommended to “sterilize” the soilby placing it in a hot oven or in the fridge before you pour it in a terrarium. But the purchase of already processed and clean substrate will warn of the risks of infection. But sand and earth, you can use coconut substrate, it is soft and harmless.

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