Wetsuit for spearfishing

The concept of hunting has long gone beyond the usual us action. Currently, this concept is greatly expanded and designates the time associated with the production of anything. It can be a hunt in the usual sense associated with tracking down and shooting animals.

It might be mushroom hunting. As well as underwater hunting, which also has a millenary history.

Lately it has undergone some changes in connection with the great inventions of mankind that allowed them to approach underwater hunting just on the other side.

Wetsuit for spearfishing

Lovers of spearfishing should be grateful to surfers for the sake of these brave athletes was invented the first wetsuit, so they vsesezonka could go surfing and not freezing with the arrival of the cold season. The first wetsuit was created in the last century and, in appearance, was far from modern ideas about the product.

It was made of material, which name is polyvinyl chloride. This stuff though, and was well adapted to its task, but working with him was very difficult.

To replace him came the neoprene, which was a real boon, as it combines:

  • outstanding insulation properties;
  • good buoyancy;
  • easy connection neoprene panels.

Currently, the wetsuit for spearfishing – is a design that includes thick neoprene, cellular rubber, various coatings, inserts for strengthening the chest, knee and elbow area. The colors of the camouflage suit allows the hunter to blend with the natural colors and become virtually invisible.

A wetsuit is designed to protect the wearer from freezing in the water and ensure a successful hunt, thanks to its flexibility, plasticity. The suit should not interfere with the dynamics of movement underwater hunter, so it is important the correct choice of wetsuit depending on the temperature conditions.

Northern latitudes of our country do not allow you to opt for suits with a thickness less than 7 mm. high Quality material, good fit of the wetsuit, the correct size is the key to a successful hunt.

How to choose the right wetsuit (wet type)

The choice of wetsuit is dependent on several factors.

You want the wetsuit is a tight fit shape to prevent water from getting inside the suit, but at the same time it should not hamper movement.

Its thickness should be from 3 to 5 mm when diving in warm (25oC) water, and 9 – 11 mm for cold (+8 ° C) water.

The form factor affects, for what purposes and in what conditions will be operated costume. If you use it in cold weather, it is best to acquire separate suit (jacket and pants to wear separately). If these conditions are acquired monococcum, under it, put a thin neoprene shorts and a tank top.

Universal-suits, which often use drivers that retain heat well, have great tear resistance and easy donning. A specialised wetsuit for spearfishing, the inner side of which is made of the little suckers. They stick to the body, as if forming a second skin, has a nylon coating in the outer layer. Suit good for a long stay under water.

Wetsuits without the nylon coating on the outside called wetsuits sport type (reinforcement nylon, there is little in the joints of the joints). This costume is almost not felt the resistance of the water, but they are very vulnerable to mechanical damage. The ease of sliding in water was evaluated by athletes-swimmers. This suit should be very careful to wear.

Titanium coating on the wetsuit used in order to improve the thermal protection of the driver, to ensure optimized thermal insulation. Rubber is slippery from the spray, which greatly facilitates donning.

Dry suit for underwater hunting

For long-term immersion to great depths when the water temperature is below 15C it is better to use dry suits that are waterproof, have excellent insulating properties, good buoyancy and small crimped neoprene while diving. And all this thanks to the use of compression of neoprene, which is produced by foaming under high pressure.

These costumes are not allowed inside the water, due to the use of packing seals, belts, waterproof fasteners of type “lightning”. Main accessory dry wetsuit is a heat-insulating underwear.

Membrane dry suits are produced by combinations of nylon with rubber or polymers. The main quality of these suits is their lightness, but they have a drawback of low elasticity. To provide more freedom of movement the skirt is made in the form of a bag. On the one hand, the folds formed during the immersion in such a suit, increase the resistance, and on the other hand, additionally create the abrasive surface on the tops of the folds, which negatively affects the durability of the wetsuit.

How to wear a wetsuit for spearfishing

Donning of wetsuit has its own nuances that need to be considered during this step. First, before donning a wetsuit, you must collect all belongings and equipment in the vicinity of water.

Then proceed to dress in a wetsuit, on the basis of its features:

  1. If the wetsuit is wet, its tight fit to the body can be provided with a soapy water made from a mixture of water and shampoo in the ratio of 2:1.
  • This solution is poured into the lower part of the suit so that the inner surface of the neoprene completely soaked with a soap solution.
  • The remaining soapy water is poured, and in prosobranch leg slides leg. With good wetting the foot will easily enter the leg. After, you must do the same procedure with the other leg and gently to avoid tearing, pull the pants to the hips, smoothing the creases with your hands on the outer side and the inner side to try not to touch it at all.
  • Jacket is well to moisten the same soap solution on the inner side (to drain residues). Wear coat should alternately with sleeves. When hands are shoved into the sleeves, it is necessary to throw dorsal part of the jacket over the head, spreading your elbows to the sides, to stick his head into the neck and stroking the folds, to pull it into the trunk.
  • Fasten the front strap passed between her legs.

  1. If the wetsuit is dry, tight fit to the body he does not need, so in this kind of costume to wear easier:
  • First, put on underwear, then otverdevaya the upper part of the wetsuit.
  • Pushes its feet into pant legs, pulled the suit on the torso, put arms into sleeves. It is necessary to constantly smooth out wrinkles formed on the surface.
  • Fasten tightly at first internal, then external zipper and put on gloves.

Size chart wetsuit for spearfishing.

To suit exact fit to the shape, which is necessary for keeping the heat inside the costume, you need to determine its size. Specially designed tables, which are in any store that sells these specific facilities, in order to choose the right wetsuit for spearfishing measured several parameters of the body of the driver:

  1. Chest girth is the most important parameter when choosing a costume, measured under relaxed chest bare torso (when the dip was not stiffness).
  2. Waist (near the navel) and hips.
  3. The height and weight.

Then, the table is determined by the size of the wetsuit, on the basis of parameters of the measurement driver. In some cases, possible individual tailoring of the suit.

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