Aardvark: where it lives, how it looks, what it eats

Anteater is an amazing mammal that belongs to the edentates. This animal inhabits not only in the wild – it can perfectly be suitable for the role of exotic pet. Let’s find out a little more about it.

Feature and description

Anteaters are divided into three species and eleven subspecies. Each of them has a long tongue and a strong tail. The length of the tongue is 60 inches, and thanks to its tail, this mammal can climb trees.

The anteater there are some features – long snout, small eyes and ears. On the front legs of the animal is five toes with long claws, and hind legs claws less.

The wool of this mammal can be both long and short. He has no teeth, however this does not prevent him to eat 30 thousand insects a day. This animal knows how to perfectly swim in the waters. The life expectancy of this mammal is about 25 years.

Where does the anteater

Anteaters can be found in Mexico, Central America, Brazil and Paraguay. They live typically in tropical forests, but also can be found in the savanna or other open areas.

Active lifestyle these animals are night. Feed on ants and termites, beetle larvae and bees. They get them with your long nose and sticky tongue, destroying their nests with their front paws. To digest food faster, they’ll eat some sand or small rocks.

This mammal well developed sense of smell, what can be said about his hearing and eyesight. Thanks to this smell, he finds food.

Species of anteaters

There are three species of these animals:

  • woody dwarf;
  • giant ground;
  • ground-wood four-toed.

Terrestrial giant anteater is the largest species. Its body length reaches 150 centimeters. And the length of the animal, with a tail and muzzle, is about three meters.

The animal weighs about 40 pounds. The muzzle in this species is long and narrow. Also, like other anteaters, it has a sticky tongue, small eyes and ears.

Wood pygmy anteater is the smallest species. Its body length does not exceed 40 inches, and it weighs over 400 grams. The coat of this species is brown and muzzle, paws and nose are red in color.

Long snout, no teeth, but there is a sticky long tongue and a prehensile tail. Thanks to him and his front feet with long claws, he easily climbs trees. That is what it was called woody. Lifestyle the animal has only the night. And he lives alone.

Four-toed terrestrial-arboreal anteater. This view is even called differently, tamandua. The limbs of the animal have only four fingers, so he called Cuatro dedos. Body length does not exceed 90 centimeters, and the length of the tail is about 50 centimeters. The weight of the animal reaches no more than five pounds.

The snout is also elongated, eyes and ears small, and the language is very sticky. Vision in this animal is bad, but hearing is excellent. A distinctive feature is the unpleasant odor that spreads due to anal gland.

Reproduction and possible enemies

Mating of these animals is in spring or autumn. The gestation period lasts from three to six months (depending on species). Their nests anteaters equip on trees or in burrows. The calf is born very small and bald, but is able to climb on the back of his mother. Dad is also involved in raising her cub. He also wears on his back.

When the cub turns one month, he briefly begins to peel from the back of mom or dad, and actively explore the land. To feed the baby, female or male proprietaren they regurgitate the food and feeds the baby.

The main enemies of these animals are jaguars. And for the dwarf kinds, even a bird of prey and a snake are dangerous. To defend itself against enemies, help them with their long claws. And the four-toed anteater as a defensive tool applies a strong odor.

The contents of the aardvark house

If you decide to have this unique animal at home, then purchase it, you need in special nurseries. This is where you buy a healthy animal. This mammal gets along well with other Pets and with children.

When the content of the anteater in the home should follow some rules:

  • the temperature in the house should not be below 24 degrees;
  • to pet not damage your furniture its long and sharp claws, they need time to grind;
  • feed pet anteater can be boiled rice, ground meat, eggs and some fruit.

It is worth considering that in captivity anteater lives very little. His life expectancy is not more than five years. Therefore, before to make such a mammal, think carefully.

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