Forty ordinary: features of the behavior of birds

One of the most beautiful birds inhabiting our region are considered to be the common magpie. This beautiful representative of birds from the family of Raven grows to a length of 45 centimeters and weighs 150-250 grams.

The bird has a unique tail, which are painted in bright white and contrasting black. The long tail has a greenish cast to it, but the wings are tint with a bluish tinge. Such parts of the animal as the head, neck, back, craw and top of the breast all black. Belly, down the breast and stripes on the shoulders white.

To meet a magpie in the forests of Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America. The bird stands out with a unique feature: she prefers close contact with people, so its nests are often found in forest parks, urban parks and gardens human. Dense forest Jay don’t like, which explains the absence of a species in the far North and in the highlands.

Flight of magpies is characteristic of the particular heaviness and straightness. After landing, the bird moves proud characteristic jumping or dancing steps. In the Eastern regions of Russia and Asian size forty slightly smaller than the size of those in the other habitat.

Among the famous and most common species of magpies in this area include:

  1. Siberian blue.;
  2. Spanish blue;
  3. Chinese azure;
  4. red-crested azure;
  5. Himalayan green;

Flattering area of South Asia is a preferred place of residence for long-tailed magpies.

A nest of magpies, common Chicks

Forty ordinary preference pair lifestyle. They nest singly or in colonies of 5-7 pairs. Members of the species have a remarkable loyalty to the partner and craftsmanship of the construction of the nest.

In the construction process always involved both birds. For carrying out laying of a spherical socket, the animal uses the hard branches, leaves, and clay. As bedding for the inner part uses thin roots of grass, dry straw or pieces of soft animal hair. At the side of the socket is attached to the entrance, and beside it a tray of clay. To build the roof of bird uses bitch.

In most cases, common magpie nests at a decent height, among the branches of tall trees. In shrubs and low herbaceous plants, nests are very rare. In one nest is often from five to eight magpie eggs with a characteristic bluish-green color.

The process of incubation of the eggs lasts from 18 to 20 days. Science has proven that female magpies are amazing maternal instinct. Even if her body gets the shot, she won’t leave the nest and continues to protect future offspring. During incubation, the male faithfully guards the nest and brings food to the female 3-5 times per hour.

Chicks magpies can stay in the nest for three to four weeks. After that they begin to take his first independent missions. Until they grow older parents lovingly feed their babies and protect them from any danger.

Adults bring to the nest of different foods, including:

  • worms;
  • snails;
  • bugs;
  • and after the nestlings of small birds such as finches, Tits and other);

Magpies are able to destroy alien nests to search for food. If the cubs have food, this behavior is not seen.

The nature magpie

Forty vulgaris is a peculiar character, which in many ways resembles the character of other corvids. For many years the bird was allocated a unique intelligence, wit and curiosity. Before to make any step game birds clearly considering it soberly assesses the situation and remains observant to the end. Any changes in environment lead to heightened caution. Seeing the danger, birds began to shout loudly, warning relatives of impending trouble.

And even the behavior of birds in a nest and in flight is considered to be relatively calm when getting into a potentially dangerous situation, she begins to emit loud screams and sounds, which can remind the chirping, squeaking, high-pitched “Chia-Chia”, cawing and flute NAPA. It is important to note that the cry of the magpies makes guard not only her own kind, but also other birds. Upon hearing a disturbing magpie voice that indicates the approach of a predator or hunters, forest dwellers tend to hide in burrows, nests or other shelters. For this reason, forty-considered the best scouts and guards of the forest. It is easy to guesswhat went the famous saying “forty tail brought”.

By the way, the tail is also a very amazing part of the bird, which has its own characteristics. When feathered friend of the forest fauna sitting on a branch, it is typical twitch of the tail. This behavior is unusual for other birds. If you compare Jay with other members of the family Raven, she leads a very active and agile lifestyle. The bird rarely stops in one place for a long time, she is constantly jumping from branch to branch, peeped in the nest, and migrate long distances in search of tasty treats.

Close contact with people magpies avoided. To replace close relatives of crows and rooks, which with the advent of cold weather making a mass migration to urban parks and gardens, they make only a single crashes in a forested area. There is a perception that the animal is able to steal valuable things and jewelry. But the belief is strongly exaggerated, since a bird ready to take any thing only if she is sure that she is not in danger. In all other situations it will not risk your life for an incomprehensible subject.

What is forty ordinary

Bird magpie prefers nutritious food of an animal nature.

The main part of the diet is made up of various insects and small animals, including:

  1. bugs;
  2. locusts;
  3. slugs;
  4. snails;
  5. frogs;
  6. lizards;

If you get the chance, feathered predator not refuse the opportunity to eat a large piece of meat. When there is a period of nesting magpie spends a lot of time in search of the nests of songbirds for stealing eggs and eating small nestlings. But this forest hunter attack only solitary birds, living in flocks of birds may attack it and to give a serious rebuff.

The rest of the time the bird does not attract special attention and carrion, picks up the garbage and visits the feeders. If we are talking about finding food, she shows incredible courage, ingenuity, and sometimes impudence. Watching movies about nature, like a bird without any respect for taking food under the nose of a Fox or a bear.

Black magpies that inhabit the forest regions of Northern Africa practiced an amazing way of search for food. Representatives of this breed massively moved to the pastures in search of nutritious insects and freely “Park” on the backs of grazing cattle. As moleclue and buff herons, magpies are cleaning the fur of large animals from many pests and parasites. For this reason, cattle, elephants and water Buffalo do not show any aggression to these feathered doctors. In addition to plant food, a bird may eat seeds and fruits of plants, grains and small nuts.

What are the enemies of the magpies common

Like many other birds, forty common has many natural enemies.

Among them:

  • eagles;
  • eagles;
  • falcons;
  • hawks;
  • owls;
  • wild cats;
  • owls;

Also in the nest to the bird can get a marten, and the inhabitants of tropical regions have repeatedly suffered from the attacks of snakes. But due to the amazing insight and good intelligence, the number forty is still very large. Birds know how to escape from danger and protect his family.

Cultural significance of birds in different countries and ethnic groups very different from each other. The Indians of North America associate the magpie with forest spirits, and in the regions of East Asia it was considered a messenger of happiness and treated with great honor. In European countries, the bird does not deserve a special treatment from people. Owners of agricultural crops, orchards, and farms negatively reacted to contact with the magpie, as it is often picked up scattered at the time of planting grain.

The hunters did not tolerate the bird because of its characteristic behavior when it detects danger. If the woods came a hunter sitting in the nest or on a branch, immediately issued alarming screams and alerted the other animals about what is happening.

When high have gained high demand and the new pace of development, the attitude of the bird is almost not changed. Still it is considered harmful by the representative birds of the family Corvidae because of the ability to destroy the nests of small songbirds. But the damage flattering fauna harm is justified by the useful actions that makes forty, destroying a colony of insects.

Interesting facts about magpies
  • The symbol of Taiwan is considered to be a thick-billed blue magpie. Currently, this unique type was on the verge of extinction. This is due to the destruction of the natural habitat of birds, because it is found in the most populous country in the world. When involuntary forty content does not show any requirements for care. But keep it as a poultry problematic.
  • Science has proven that forty is one of the most intelligent birds who know how to conduct complex social rituals, expressing different emotional state, particularly sadness. In addition, the animal can recognize itself in the mirror.
  • Magpies prefer infrequent contact with humans, so they rarely put the nest in dense, inaccessible forests. Their diet may be present, both animal and vegetable foods. When lack of food the bird attacking the nest, steals the bones from dogs or kill small Chicks.
  • Residue bird buried in the ground in case of possible famine. However, she quickly finds a hiding place without any difficulties. For example, small rodents and squirrels can’t repeat it.
  • Magpies are considered doctors of livestock and large animals since they clean their skin from harmful insects and parasites.

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