White-tailed eagle – a description of the bird, where does the white-tailed eagle

Proud beautiful bird, white-tailed eagle is now an endangered species. Despite innate caution, the population of eagles has been greatly reduced thanks to the efforts of man. In our time the situation is normalized.

The article tells in detail about the appearance and life of these beautiful proud creatures.

Eagles come in different types, but they are a symbol of courage, freedom and strength. Representatives of the family accipitridae are quite large birds. Their body reaches a length of 90 cm and a weight of 4 to 7 kg and a wingspan of more than 2 m.

A bird has few well-recognizable traits:

  • The name white-tailed eagle was because the do have tail feathers of white color. Although young specimens they are brown, like the rest of the plumage. Only after some time the tail of the eagle changes color to a lighter one.
  • Another distinguishing feature – a very large beak, which looks disproportionate. It is yellow, on the end of a pronounced curve.
  • Legs do not have feathers, although other members of the species available.
  • Wings during flight are straight, all other eagles pronounced bend.

Females are larger than males, which is typical for birds of prey, although the color is different. The kind that live in the Russian territory, is the largest among others.

Habitat and build nests

The bird settles in different places:

  • mountainous terrain;
  • forest;
  • tundra;
  • desert.

The main condition – the presence of nearby water body, be it river or lake with fresh water. If the eagle decided to settle in southern latitudes, flights for the winter, he did not commit, leading a sedentary lifestyle. But Northern bald eagle leaves with the onset of the cold season.

Housing equips thoroughly – it can achieve enormous size, about 2 meters in diameter. A pair of birds is located on top of tall sturdy trees or rocks. This is no coincidence – white-tailed eagle chooses a place so that from his shelter he could see the surrounding countryside and time to notice the approach of the victim or person.

Material for the nest in which the bird lives for many years, are the thick branches of the trees. Housing becomes so strong and reliable that can withstand any weather: showers and force of the winter winds. Gradually the birds expand their home. Inside housing is covered with dry leaves and bark. The height of the nest can reach 1.5 m. Sometimes it becomes so heavy that falls to the ground. Then the birds have to start all over again.

The eagle settles on a rather vast territory from the Arctic ocean to the sea of Azov. He can choose as a place to live even arid desert. In Russia it is especially common on the shores of the Baikal lake and along the shores of the Caspian sea. Species white-tailed eagle live in other countries – mostly in Eurasia. As the expanses of tundra, and Japan can become his home. From cold latitudes to winter white-tailed eagle migrating to China, Pakistan, North America – it occurs in September-October.

In the United States are so fond of this bird that made her the ornament of the national emblem of the country, choosing from six species of eagles. This event occurred from 1782, However, the figure shows the view of the proud bird is a bit stylized. In Russia the white-tailed eagle adorns the flag of one of the districts (Slavic) in Krasnodar region.

Birds well feel also special bird sanctuaries, but there are not so many. The main problem today is the widespread human exploration of the wild places where it prefers to inhabit white-tailed eagle.


The renewal process kind of begins in the early spring. In March the birds begin to gnedovets. A clutch usually consists of two eggs, rarely more. The eggs are white with small red speckles. Birds together take care of juveniles, which hatch in about 40 days. Hatching is engaged in the female, which sometimes leaves the nest to restore power. Then its place is taken by the father.

Couples that are white-tailed eagles, are permanent. Why care about kids eagles divided equally. When the Chicks appear, the male brings prey, which the mother feeds the babies. About two months continues to adulthood, then the juveniles begin to hunt independently. However, this does not prevent them sometimes to eat with my parents. Own family they will take only 4 years later.

The average life expectancy of an eagle, about a quarter of a century, in favorable conditions, the time can be extended to 80 years. It’s very long even for a human.

What is the

The basis of the diet is fish. Do not hesitate feathered predator also other canines can eat partridges, gulls, ducks, will not refuse to taste and fell. Collecting dead things, it helps to keep the earth clean.

Mammal species of the hunting animals become rabbits, squirrels, muskrats. Mammal bird lurking near the exit of the hole. This often happens in winter, when rivers and lakes are icebound, making fishing impossible.

In the summer the white-tailed eagle is easy to grab the lunch out of the water, sometimes it can even dive for especially large fish. Sometimes the prey becomes the predator birds. Noticing the sky, the terrible eagle, birds in a panic, go under water to hide. And when you float to the surface, where they expect the tenacious claws of the enemy.


Mankind has long been exerting great effort to destroy the white-tailed sea eagles. It was believed that this dangerous bird, which deals damage to the fishing economy because it feeds the inhabitants of the rivers. The birds were accused of reducing waterfowl relatives.

Destruction has occurred in different ways:

  • shooting;
  • the destruction of the old large trees, which were in the socket;
  • pollution of rivers and lakes;
  • the displacement from habitats.

Therefore, the beginning of XX century the white-tailed eagles disappeared from their usual habitats. Several decades later, the birds were “justified”, there was a ban on their shooting. In some countries, partially managed to restore the population of endangered species, but it is still quite rare. Today the shooting threatens the birds, but very bad environment negatively affects population growth.

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