The smallest bird in the world. Description birds Hummingbird

The world of birds is so diverse that even modern science can’t study enough. There are a huge number of birds that have unique properties and unusual behavior and appearance.

Some of them are real giants weighing up to 150 pounds, such as African ostriches, and the tiny hummingbirds that weigh only a few grams. While the first and the last have their similarities and their differences. Ornithologists working hard on the study of many types of birds, so every year previously undiscovered secrets become facts, proven science.

If you are interested in the amazing world of birds then this article will be for you very interesting and useful.

The smallest birds in the world

A list of the smallest birds on the planet looks as follows (rankings in descending order):

  • Horny Hummingbird. In tenth place of the list is an amazing creation – horned Hummingbird. Externally, the bird looks simply amazing, so it is considered one of the most beautiful in the wild. Green plumage on the back, slowly moves in the velvety-black coloration of the throat and front part. The abdomen is painted in shades of white. Body length is about 12 centimeters, and home to birds is considered to be the Brazilian province of Minas Gerais.
  • Korolkowii reel. The body length of the adult rarely exceeds 11 cm. Found a bird in the highlands of the Caucasus, Turkey, Pakistan, India and Iran. Frequently individual lives and in European countries.
  • Banana songster received the eighth selection in the list of the smallest birds in the world. He grows up to 11 cm and is found in humid forests of Central and South America.
  • Seventh place went to weerawansa tsistikola. The bird rarely grows to 10 inches, and a habitat for robbing the arid landscapes near water with an abundant supply of vegetation.
  • The greenish Warbler. Body length of ten centimeters, the bird weighs only eight grams. The exterior presents an olive-green back and a dirty-white abdomen. The bird is found in mixed forests of Central Europe, Alpine coniferous forests and southern taiga. Leading a hidden life, she often hides among the tall trees. The main part of the diet is small insects, molluscs and spiders.
  • The bird is the Wren, which is found in the forests of North America, Eurasia, and Northern Africa grows to 9-10 cm length. Looks like a solid lump of feathers with a small tail. The behavior of birds sedentary. A significant part of her life, she holds closer to the ground, quickly making its way through the undergrowth.
  • The Buffy Hummingbird is the only species of the famous family, which lives on the territory of the Russian Federation. With a length of 8 centimeters bird weighs only 3-4 grams. The appearance of the male is represented by a bright color.
  • Third place belongs to the Wren.
  • Korotkova was on the second place ranking.
  • Hummingbird-bee. Considered the smallest bird in the world.

Talk about features of this awesome creation.

The smallest bird in the world: a brief description

Hummingbird-bee belongs to the family of hummingbirds and no larger than a large insect such as a bumblebee or hornet. Weighing in at two grams, the bird grows to 5-6 inches in length from tip of beak to tip of tail.

Externally, the bird and the bee looks amazing. Green-blue plumage on the back is emphasized with a red collar, long side feathers and grayish-white flowers. Short tail painted black. It is important to note that females are larger than males. Pretty baby has a very little feet, because a significant part of her life she spends in flight.

Hummingbird-bee can be found only in Cuba, among the thickets of vines in wooded areas of the island. In the diet there is only on flower nectar. A bird makes nests out of cobwebs, lichen and bark, with a diameter of two centimeters. In the nest can be two nests whose dimensions are comparable to the size of a pea.

Hummingbird surprises scientists an incredible rate of metabolism. To the energy level remains optimal, the bird come every day to collect 1500 nectar from flowers. While at rest the tiny heart of such fabulous creatures makes up to three hundred beats per minute. At night the Hummingbird falls into a stupor. If the daily body temperature up to 43 degrees Celsius, while at night it drops to 20 degrees. With the arrival of the morning warming all returned to their seats.

Females are the smallest birds in the world have excellent maternal instinct. They carefully care for Chicks and feed them every 8-10 minutes. As a result, of a loving mother there is a task to constantly search for food for themselves and for the tiny cub. Strangely enough, but almost all the little hummingbirds survive.

Mating season and nesting

The smallest bird in the world begins to multiply before the end of the rainy season and the dry season, when most of the jungle plants start to bloom. Hummingbird-bee prefers a solitary lifestyle except during the breeding season. However, the male only fertilizes the female, then she protects the eggs and future babies.

To attract females during the breeding season beautiful males begin to show their singing abilities and luxurious plumage. In most cases, they emit a short trill, consisting of a few notes. The day the females have to listen to several choirs and a couple with the same interests. It is important to note that one male could mate with several females. In addition, the female also exhibits a similar behavior. The process is carried out either on tree branches or in flight.

For the construction of the nests of bee hummingbirds use:

  1. lichens;
  2. bark;
  3. and even webs with increased strength;

The elastic fibers of the product of spiders allows the bird to build a comfortable nest in which the Chicks will stay safe and protected. As a masking material, in most cases, use the moss. The diameter of the Cup-shaped nest is rarely more than 2.5 cm. The inner part consists of soft plant fibers, in which the female lays up to two eggs. In size they’re the size of a pea. The incubation period lasts for 2-2,5 weeks. Tiny babies are blind, naked and immobile.

The female alone raises her Chicks and protects them from predators, rodents and other hazards. Using a long beak she puts in the mouth of newborns digested pieces of small insects and nectar. This food contains a lot of protein, which is essential for normal growth of the younger generation. First independent flights of the Chicks do in the age of 18-38 days. Sexual maturity is reached in the annual age.

Interesting facts about hummingbirds
  • The heart of the smallest birds in the world makes from three to five hundred beats per minute. At this rate, tiny creature requires a lot of food;
  • During the flight the bird makes a buzzing sound that strongly resembles the sound of bees. This is due to the high speed of the flapping of the wings. For this reason, the English name Kolibri “humming bird” is translated as “humming bird”;
  • The main habitat of the bee hummingbirds is the island of Cuba and other small Islands placed near;
  • The smallest bird makes up to 80 flaps of their wings per second, while in the mating period, the speed can reach two hundred beats. Amazing, agree?
  • When flying a bird-bee gives you more speed to 50 kilometers per hour;
  • To the naked eye, namely without the use of high-frequency cameras with the possibility of slow motion, noticing the flapping of the wings is impossible. The person will seem that it’s just a blurry flying object, which is slightly more bees;
  • The value of life hummingbirds-bees to the ecosystem is enormous. For one day the bird could pollinate up to 1500 flowers. Males in good faith defend their territory from intrusion by other hummingbirds bees;
  • A favorite delicacy for the tiny creation is sucrose. Therefore, plants with high content of this substance pollinated before all the rest;
  • One day the bird eats up a lot of nectar. Its weight exceeds the weight of the Hummingbird;
  • Externally, bee hummingbirds resemble flying in the sky jewelry. This is due to the unique, distinct plumage, which shimmers with different colors in the sun;
  • The locals call the bird “sumsum” and is considered a major symbol of love and prosperity;
  • Throughout his life, the Hummingbird spent on the move. They do not make seasonal migrations do not live in pairs or flocks, and prefer a solitary mode of existence;
  • The day the bird spends up to 20 hours in the air without any respite;
  • In daytime body temperature of the Hummingbird reaches 43 degrees Celsius. At night it drops to 19 degrees. It is necessary for the conservation of energy the next day;
  • Hummingbird-bee – not only the smallest bird in the world, but the smallest warm-blooded animal;
  • The average life expectancy in the wild is 7 years. In captivity birds live for 10 years;

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