When puppies open their eyes after birth

When the dog’s baby is born, he is very vulnerable and helpless. Leave it without a permanent guardianship of the mother is impossible, to watch him need and host.

The most important period in the development of a puppy is the first 4 weeks of his life. It was during this period be fully operational some of the most important senses: eyes and ears. To make sure that the baby is developing normally, you need to know, when did he begin to open his eyes after birth.

Features of development of the puppies after birth

Each puppy after birth individual develops, so to determine the exact time for a particular event in his life is impossible. Sometimes in one litter, the babies grow at different rates, someone ahead of the others, someone is behind.

Here is a rough time for the development of the majority of puppies:

  • 2 days after birth begins to fall away umbilical cord. Not to bring an infection in an open wound, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the place where mom’s with kids. There should be warm and cozy.
  • From birth, the puppies are actively moving limbs. This occurs for fast muscle-building. Sometimes you may notice that they move their legs even while sleeping, and they sleep in the first days of life almost round the clock. Healthy sleep is a prerequisite for normal growth Pets.
  • After 2 weeks of birth, puppies are starting to crawl on the box in which I live together with my mother. Their eyes are still closed, at this time they are oriented in space only due to the scent. After a few days of training, the kids start to stand on their own feet and learning to walk, and after a week move very calmly and confidently. To the kids were easier to move around, you can lay on the bottom of the dense fabric. So paws will not disperse and slide.
  • In the months of age begin to recognize their kin and communicate with them. They begin to draw toys and active games. It was in this period a dog’s character and her ability to communicate with people, so you need to spend as much time as possible.
  • At the same time, begins active growth of milk teeth. To 4 weeks of life most of them are cut through, and another month after all the teeth fully grow.

Many breeders I wonder how many days after birth begin to open the eyes of the puppies. Usually to wide open the eye takes about 2 weeks, but all the individual terms in different animals. A little later, after the eyes open of the ear, with hearing returning to normal only after 2 weeks.

In the first month, you need to carefully follow the development of the animal, so in the early stages to identify possible issues with hearing, eyesight and nervous system.

Health care

From birth, the breeder will need to devote a lot of time caring for the health of dogs. Immediately after birth, they need to carefully examine in order to notice the inherent flaws. When it becomes clear that the puppy is unhealthy, it is better to immediately put to sleep.

Puppies of some breeds is necessary immediately after birth to cut off the tails. An experienced breeder is doing it no later than 4 days after the appearance of babies born. At this time they feel no pain, their nervous system is still not fully formed.

If there is a need to show kids the vet, it is best to call it home. Sometimes this is not possible, therefore, for easy transportation of puppies is better to transport together with their mother. So they will feel calmer.

In 2 months the dogs will have the first vaccination. Before this procedure it together with the mother 2 weeks before vaccination poison the worms.

To give the puppies to a new home until months of age, and it is better to wait for the time to the first vaccination. It was after her to get the first document – veterinary passport, which will be marked by the vaccination schedule of the animal.

When puppies open their eyes?

After birth the kids are completely helpless and can’t live without my mom. They do not see or hear, hardly oriented in space with no help. Novice breeders dogs most of all I wonder how many days after birth babies begin to open their eyes.

The exact day is difficult to call, all depends on the individual animal. The average time is the period from 10 to 15 days from the moment of birth. The process takes 1 to 4 days. It often happens that one eye opens before the second. There is nothing to worry. This feature is associated with the development of the puppy, and every baby is individual.

The maximum period to the eyes of toddlers fully opened – 20 days from the day of birth. Later the opening can talk about the developmental disabilities or disease. You need to go to a veterinary clinic and show the baby the doctor.

The breeder can slightly accelerate the opening of the peephole. To do this, gently wipe them with a cotton pad soaked in clean warm water. This can be done only with clean hands. One disc both eyes to wipe over it, you need to change the material. To extend the eyelids with force in any case it is impossible! Later, the opening of the eye can lead to a retardation of the development of the dog because it is one of the ways to explore the world around, communicate with other animals and people.

I wonder why the puppies soon are not born with open eyes? This is due to the fact that at the time of the birth of their eyelids do not develop until the end. Their development continues after birth. From the age of the dog is an important function – they help fine to navigate in space. In the future, this affects the socialization of the dog.

Here are the reasons why kids are not born immediately with open eyes:

  • Early opening of the eyelids affects the growth of the pet due to underdevelopment. The kid must have time to get all the necessary for the normal development of a substance in mother’s milk.
  • After birth continue to shape not only the external eyelid, and retina of the eye. It is fully developed only by the third week of a dog’s life. During this time it is better not to make a box with offspring in bright light.

For the normal development of a puppy from birth need to follow the behavior and development of the senses. It is very important for further development of the dog’s character and ability to communicate with other animals and people. Therefore, the breeder is better to watch out for when puppies open their eyes.

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