Effective ways of fishing with a float rod with feeder

Long-proven method which is used by fishermen, sportsmen, and simple fans of fishing, especially if we are talking about areas with a decent current, as float rod with feeder well suited for different situations.

Tackle this without exaggeration can be called practical and versatile. The mounting rods with a trough does not involve great difficulties, however, the value of the finished product will also be feasible for the majority of interested lovers of fishing.

Preparation and application

The snap-in includes the required elements, each of which has its own purpose. The entire device of which allows you to be more efficient than a conventional rod, and for any fisherman is always nicer to come home with an impressive catch.

To have an idea on how to make a tackle, you want to consider all of its components:

  1. The feeder reel or coil.
  2. Standard form by 4 meters.
  3. A coil of the main line and a small cut for the leash.
  4. Mesh-feeder of durable strands, the diameter of a cell which is not more than 6 mm or a spring.

    Photo 1. The feeder standing water from the curlers.

  5. Triple swivel.

    Photo 2. Triple swivel will help to build the tackle.

  6. Leashes with hooks.
  7. A bit of solid foam.
  8. Insulating material.
  9. The metal ring.
  10. Carabiner with swivel.
  11. Scissors of medium size.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive as types and methods fish this area quite a lot. For example, there are minor differences between the fishing tackle for fishing on a still water and a device that will need to fish in a strong current. But, from the foregoing it follows that the tackle does not contain in its composition of complex elements, and do it absolutely anyone.

Attention! To avoid unpleasant consequences, in which there is an open trough, it is possible, it just further secure it at the seams with durable thread, not forgetting to make a good loop.

To prepare the tackle for summer fishing with a sliding float and weight, it is necessary to wind the fishing line on the reel length should be based on the basis of the size of the reservoir, which will be fishing. The snap-in device with float, made of hard foam, make it more sustainable. The fishing spots can often notice that you use a plastic bottle, however, it is more cumbersome and inconvenient, for example to be imbedded, you need to use more cargo or stones, and for float of foam this is not required.

Photo 3. The float is heavy.

The float is prepared of a conical shape, its size should be two times more eggs. Also making the hole diameter is 3 mm Then the adapter carabiner is worn on a metal ring, and the gap is fixed of several coils of an insulating material.

Remain gradually put on the line prepared items:

  • metal ring with carabiner;
  • float;
  • firmly binds to the tee, leaving a tail of twine at least 20 mm;
  • put the remaining tip of the fishing line from the tee into the center hole of the float, then you attach, sinking his hooks.

Thus, a rod with a sliding float is almost ready. The feeder itself is attached by carabiner, then it can be filled with bait, and safe to throw. Leashes with hooks you can install several, it all depends on personal preference.

Photo 4. Better to use the sliding mounting of the float.

Universal float tackle with a trough to catch white fish. Such species include bream, carp, carp, carp, crucian carp, roach, sabrefish, etc. However, it all depends on location and species of the nozzle and the bait.

Optimal types of bait

To make the bait can be only required to gather all the necessary and favourite fish ingredients. Can also be effective and purchase, for example, for catching of representatives of the carp family are ideal relatively new types of bait: crushed boilies and floating pellets.

When the base mixture serve bread or crackers, then we can hope for a real bite of the Golden carp. To prepare this mixture you need:

All the ingredients required to mix, adding advance a little plain water, then roll into balls and load in the float feeder as necessary. If you want to catch carp, then you need to cook wheat or pea grits, and then add the finely crushed corn flakes and sunflower seeds.

In the manufacture of feeder groundbait, too, there is nothing complicated, you just learn how to cook it. To do this, mix the cake with the breadcrumbs, then add the biscuits and corn grits. As flavors is perfect anise or garlic. For filler of this kind of bait used chopped earthworms and pearl barley. 15 minutes to throw all the ingredients are mixed with added water and milk powder.

Practical advice on methods of fishing

Fishing technique depends on several factors, including the rate of flow, types of fish, especially the pond. Hence can vary the snap-in, for example, with a high for the overriding principle will be to increase weights. Weather conditions can also make adjustments: in strong winds to equip a fishing rod, kiverton makes no sense, because in this case it’s easy to miss the long-awaited bite, focus is only on Karasay float.

Important! Fly fishing members of the family of carp suggests the need for a rapid determination of the direction where you want to pull the fish immediately after the bite. As to guarantee a large catch of carp or carp, you need to make a dramatic landslide sweeps in the opposite direction.

Fishing technique this method involves two basic methods. The first is when the fisherman moves after feeding the fish, identifying it by the characteristic outbursts. And the second finding feeders in one place, thereby forming the area, which after a short time will attract the object of passion. The material collected will help to achieve the desired success on any body of water.

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