Hakko OL-Magesty of 2.5-10 × 50 R:6 CH,6 D optical view

A distinguishing characteristic of the scopes series OL-MAJESTY is the place of the reticle in the 2nd focal airplane of the lens (European system), which allows to identify the distance to target or size of the target utilizing the aiming mark.

All the sights of OL series have a diameter of the Central tube 30mm. premium Japanese optics with a multilayered

  • enlightenment of lenses enable to achieve a light transmission of over 95%completely moisture as well as water resistant lawyer, so it does not
  • fog up trustworthy build high quality supplies defense from bumps and jolts strengthened casing style to endure impact approximately 1200G Views of this collection have proven themselves in the arms of the center and powerful caliber up to caliber 9,3х74R. Advised for installment on the weapon caliber.222 Rem,.223 Rem, 22-250,.243 Win,.308Win,.30-06Spr, 9,3 х62
    , 9,3 х64,9,3 х74R. Adjustment of the brightness of the aspect stamps(the view « lit up »)is located next to the flywheels of input

    of changes, as the European sights, and also has 11 «steps of change. Enhancing of the body of the view as well as all the sights are SUPERB series, based upon the concept of

    the company NACCO(patented in numerous nations, consisting of in the US), to utilize the slit in the tube of the sight is just 35º, while the standard system requires a section in the 270º. This positive remedy enables to dramatically boost the toughness of the tube of the sight(about 34 times). For ranges with lighting of the same shade provided 11-speed controller, allowing to select the optimal degree of illumination. For 2-color backlight is provided a three-level controller of each shade.

    Magnification, times 2,5-10 Lens size, mm 50 The diameter of the Central tube, mm 30 Field of vision on elimination of 100 m, m 15-3,8 Diameter of exit student, mm 25-5 The range to the departure student, mm 120-95 Range of input of changes

    , MOA 55The rate of department

    of one click, MOA 1/4 Twilightnumber 11,2-22,4 The number of lenses 11Length ofa view, mm 372 Weight, g 495

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