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Having lots of vital for any type of searching weapon qualities, the carbine version ISSC SPA17 today has gained substantial popularity. This is mainly as a result of its exterior style: clear as well as stunning lines, no superfluous details, ergonomic form — — all it accentuates itself when you select determines the simplicity of usage of the rifle.

Natural timber, great performance of fire as well as expressive design provide permanent rate of interest in the version, and the suitable proportion of the lengths of the trunk and also butt, along with the capacity to adjust its addiction at the shoulder, permits you to conveniently use it, also ladies with delicate Constitution.

Providing a full-fledged agent of a variety of small-caliber tools, rifle ISSC SPA17 can be used for its designated purpose, which was intended by the maker (expert hunting with the capability to strike away targets tool as well as large size), along with for training precision, training preliminary abilities of capturing from guns of and also to participate in competitors in sport shooting. The model makes it possible for using cartridges of numerous caliber, with accuracy as well as accuracy is greatly figured out by technical qualities, show an ideal outcome.

Summary of the rifle ISSC SPA 17

Modern design — — an essential problem for an eye-catching appearance of any tools, and also although one of the most essential is to be taken into consideration the technical criteria put down by the maker, using excellent quality natural timber, well considered as well as well balanced kind additionally belong to essential advantages of any type of version of the rifle.

The model ISSC SPA17 well-proven for hunting (efficiency of shots can stun also the specialists) because of its accuracy of fire, high velocity of a bullet. And smoothness of the trigger, the absence of even a mild curvature of the barrel as a result of the use of this modern-day method of its manufacture, chilly creating, assures a best hit even a little or moving target.

Disadvantages and also advantages

Attracting attention amongst peers with a variety of advantages on the technical possibilities provided by the producer, the carbine confirmed to be an excellent use for searching and also for training precision as well as the abilities of shooting novices. To obtain a suggestion concerning the capacities of a carbine, as well as likewise regarding the different sorts of models should discover the checklist of flaws and merits.

Among one of the most fascinating advantages of this version include:

  • the reasonableness of the form and balance of useful components;
  • optimum convenience of use offered compact dimension and also the fairly tiny overall weight of the carabiner — — this gives the convenience to transportation, which is particularly crucial when utilizing weapons in the lengthy March;
  • easy partial disassembly that may be required when tuning or fixing tools;
  • modern style that attracts the interest of customers;
  • price, which is important to ensure a high degree of need for the version;
  • the presence in a number of varieties utilizing different sorts of precious wood for the decor of the butt.

Additionally on sale are a number of selections that can make use of cartridges of different caliber — — it permits you to quest different animals, when striking a target at a significant range.

Varieties of rifle ISSC SPA 17

Purpose Modern as well as having a solid shape with an ergonomic components, rifle ISSC SPA17 can be utilized for use in the professional searching: superb striking skills, eye-catching look as well as a great deal of excellent responses when utilizing it for the extraction of the monster (medium and also

big)explain the popularity of this design in the search. ISSC SPA17 is well-established for learning the initial skills of shooting: convenience of management, gave a easy as well as clever system, guarantees great striking capability, a reasonably tiny influence when making shots.


One of the most preferred is the sort of version which uses cartridge.22 LR that strikes a target of tool and plus size range of a bullet, guaranteed by its high first rate, ensures the accurate getting back at PI the movement of the target. Also varieties of the carabiner might differ according to the type of timber made use of for making butt.


Several positive reviews of both buyers as well as owners of the rifle (carbine) ISSC SPA 17 permit us to call it among one of the most prominent today as well as likewise explain the constant passion in all sort of this carabiner. Feasible, due to the technical criteria set in the production procedure, can substantially expand the field of application of this kind of tool.

Specs The rifle ISSC SPA17
Native land Austria
Appointment Searching, sport capturing, target method, educating brand-new
View Small-bore rifle
Sort of caliber .22
The total length of the body 1 170 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The elevation of the version 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold building, has an oxide layer

German high quality is understood throughout the world, offers the barrel is constructed from high quality steel needed hardness, which is kept even throughout frequent operation of weapons, the unfavorable outside influences (frequent and solid adjustments in temperature level, humidity boosts).


The consistency of all architectural parts of the dimension as well as mechanics of the operation, excellent efficiency in shooting, high efficiency shots that are shooting the most crucial for the analysis of tools, and also they can be established by the system devices and also a General style model ISSC SPA17.

Little dimension does not suggest small range of possibilities; for example, rifles ISSC SPA17 shows that even with a restricted number of made use of qualities of ammo you can obtain a quality weapon with many features.

Picking and also loading

The kit in the sale included a situation of the polymeric, lightweight product that protects the carabiner from outside influences. Basic is well thought out: excellent quality riflescope, foregrip as well as front view, installed appropriately and also having the ability to replace them on the same high performance, convenience as well as safety and security of operation of the rifle.

  • The individual is released a high quality certification to acquire a rifle, and his individual ticket.
  • To care for a carbine in basic arrangement there is oil that is used for lubrication of pre-cleaned of dirt as well as residue of the barrel.
The principle of operation

Carbine design ISSC SPA17, like other participants of this class, beginning to act at the time of intro of cartridges in the shop, and after that send them in the body of the barrel with a trigger mechanism. Retaining spring appears when carrying a sharp strike to the striker now is a shot.


Disassembly of any type of sort of hunting rifle might be required for fixing of weapons. Conduct disassembly in the design is fairly easy: making use of an unique trick, located in the handguard, you can rapidly change the barrel, change the optical sight, which is used in the base collection, advanced in its capabilities.

Basic disassembly allows for the fixing or adjusting of the design even in the area, without special tools and also tools.


The adjusting is generally carried out to change the optical view, the installment of a various lower arm and also flies. The design ISSC SPA17, in the point of view of the majority of owners, requires to change its technological features.

The price of the rifle ISSC SPA 17 and also the responses is provided listed below.

The product price

The expense design ISSC SPA17 by many buyers is thought about to be quite inexpensive. It ranges from 61 to 62 800 350 rubles. Keep in mind that in this cash you can likewise purchase the Orsis-120и Mossberg 930 in outstanding arrangement,


Traditional style, all-natural timber or polymer materials of the latest generation, — — all this made the carbine version ISSC SPA17 one of the regularly purchased. Important indicator of the economical rate. The owners kept in mind the integrity of the layout, ensured security in the procedure of operation.

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