NV Challenger GS 4.5 x 60 night vision Sight

Night vision monocular Challenger GS 4.5 × 60 brand name Pulsar suitable for observing items during the night over fars away, can be used in low light conditions as well as complete darkness.

Functionality of the night vision devices permit to spot and also identify the object at a distance up

to 200 m. Features: NV

  • monocular Challenger GS 4.5 × 60 made in ergonomic style, well shielded from mechanical damages, access of foreign items right into the tool (diameter more than 1 mm). The NV tool will certainly maintain its performance during hefty rainfall or a sea tornado.
  • The style of the monocular usages photo augmentation SF-Super (1+) with round photocathode as well as a five-element eyepiece with an unique anti-reflective covering, offering high-quality steady picture without distortion, with a high consistent resolution from the facility to the edges of the display. Lens for 4.5 x magnification as well as increases series of detection as well as recognition up to 200 m (with a minimum focusing distance of 3.2 m).
  • For observation in low light conditions night vision monocular Challenger GS 4.5 × 60 functions a built-in IR illuminator enables to use the device in addition to a mask. An additional strip of the kind the Wearer the instance is made to fit outside lighting Pulsar or various other accessories. The controls are really straightforward, by using one switch, regularly entailing himself and night vision backlight.
  • The instance has 2 diametrically opposite attaching with outlet with diameter of 1/4 inch for installing on a mask or a helmet or a tripod. When you utilize a NV monocular Challenger GS 4.5 × 60 with the mask security, it is feasible to exercise both the right as well as left eye.

Operating conditions:

Night vision monocular Challenger GS 4.5 × 60 operates from a single CR123 component, a voltage of 3 V. operating Temperature -20 ° C to + 40 ° C.

  • Lens size (mm): 60
  • Minutes increase: 4,5
  • Max magnifying: 4,5
  • Minutes Field of sight (deg): 9
  • Max Field of sight (deg): 9
  • Minutes Field of sight (m/100m): 16
  • Max Field of sight (m/100m): 16
  • Min departure student Diameter (mm): 4
  • Max departure student Diameter (mm): 4
  • Exit pupil distance (mm): 15
  • The near focus distance (m): 3,2
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • A.: no
  • Finishing: paint
  • Color: black
  • Tripod socket 1/4″″: Yes
  • IR led: visible
  • Gross weight (kg): 1,1
  • Web weight (kg): 0,7
  • Measurements (mm): 255х108х75
  • Plan measurements (mm): 290х130х100
  • Brand: Pulsar
  • Country of origin: Belarus
  • Converter: IIT generation 1+
  • Case product: composite product

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