Another training before the competition

The task of the test pits, which we catch in the fall and the edge adjacent to these pits, along the way looking ASP. To fish are not expected, but wanted.

Another training before the competition, I don’t know what but the fact that this workout is definitely.

Surprisingly today went out early, not even started to lighten.

In the dark of the strikes was not, changed a couple of places, swept by great depths. Local stand on a boat 20 metres from the shore and thrown into the side of the earth, that they thus catch and failed to learn.

After dawn started biting, caught a few small perch and Berchem, but out of the contest.

Circled a couple more hours, but without result.

It was decided to leave the area, and we went into the ducts. Checked a few known snags, consistently caught small perch. But it did not suit us.

The heat, the calmness, it was necessary periodically to drive with the wind, to somehow cool off.

Closer to the dinner was quite unbearably hot, but it somehow affected the fish. In our place we first razlomalis perch. They pecked the standard, provided that the bait drops out of karaski in depth and completely ignored the bait if she were more than a meter away from snags.


Changed the lure on a large Intech Turborib in the hope of a big perch, but after a few transactions after the next stall with driftwood felt the hook, which is slowly pulled into the depths. Surprisingly monster resisted feebly, showing only his ardor only in the boat.

A quick photo and the fish is released, about 10 minutes, I filtered the pike gills, so she started to move, and slowly Povilas tail, went to the depths.

The place is found, the fish are biting like that there will be a week not clear.

Further our way lies to another place, everything is just pike, for an hour, have some bites and catch another one. Fish is no longer pressed it and go on to the next place.

Known point, in full view of everyone, the walleye bite on almost every transaction, caught the scoring. But so as not to palitsya on the point and our boat is now visible, remove and roll into the shore.

The fish is found, will it bite in a week is unclear, but there is a chance.

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