One Of The Worlds Best Anglers Breaks Down 3 BIG Bass Lures

New to the market, the 13 Fishing Motorboat might be the lure that catches your biggest bass of the season. It has an insane action not seen by many fish.

Watch Brian Latimer break down three baits that can catch you BIG BASS!Professional angler Brian Latimer breaks down three bad to the bone bass lures. From topwater rigging to clever jig fishing tips – Brian explains his approach to fishing each lure.

All but one of the baits seen in this video have were featured in previous Mystery Tackle Boxes and all of them are available at Karl’s Tackle Shop

The13 Fishing Motor Boat is a soft plastic minnow style bait built with an attached buzzing trailer. As you reel the Motor Boat across the surface, the trailing propeller will continually buzz while it rotates over and over. This helps call in big fish lurking in the shallows.

The Hybrid Prop Bait’s blade features a frameless design that allows the bait to have a compact profile, enabling longer casts.


This bait’s 3/0 VMC wide gap hook comes pre-rigged and is sharp, durable, and unbelievably strong, allowing you to wrestle fish out of heavy cover. If you want to hit a lot of water with a bait that will call fish in from a distance and induce vicious topwater strikes, you can’t go wrong with the innovative Motor Boat Hybrid Prop Bait form 13 Fishing!

Brian showcases some big bass lures along with rod and reel preference for each bait.

Important Note: The Motor Boat Hybrid Prop Bait is made up of a unique blend of plastic materials that melts in prolonged direct sunlight and reacts with regular PVC plastics. Store your Motor Boat Hybrid Prop Baits in a shaded location and separate from your other plastics.

The Googan Squad Mini Recon may be small, but sometimes that’s what you need to fool big fish.

The Googan Squad Mini Recon is a downsized, round billed crankbait designed to hunt and deflect off cover in the 3-6 foot depth range. In shallow lakes and rivers, the Mini Recon gets down quickly and starts banging against anything in its path. With each turn of the reel, you’ll create a bad to the bone action that big fish can’t pass up. The Mini Recon will also stand out when fishing docks, grass lines, or quick breaks and drop-offs along the shoreline. Whenever the fish are keyed in on small baitfish, tie on the Googan Squad approved Mini Recon crankbait and start foolin’ fish with this one of a kind bait.

Small crankbaits lures can produce BIG bites from hungry bass.


Pro Tips: Use the Mini Recon when you need a downsized crankbait to trigger active fish in the 3-6 foot depth range, a thinner line diameter will help the bait run deeper to deflect off the bottom and trigger reaction strikes.

Jigs are big bass lures virtually all season in any water type. When things get tough, pull out the jig!

The Googan Squad Juicee Jig is the “do it all jig” designed specifically by the Googans. The Juicee jig has an arkie style head which means it can be flipped around wood, skipped under docks, and easily fished through grass. And it also lets you cast weedlines and grass which add to this jigs versatility. From hook point to line tie, the Googan Squad Juicee Jig is designed to help you increase hook up percentage, decrease snags, and bring in big fat bass.

Pro Tip: Skip the Googan Squad Juicee Jig under docks and brush to target unpressured fish. Skipping a jig will take some serious practice but getting your rod tip as parallel and low to the water as possible the better. Skipping a jig is like skipping a stone, you want to cast low, be parallel at release, and use something flat.

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