Salmon is in no hurry to fishermen

The far East reported on the catch of Pacific salmon. Despite delays in the arrival of the main amount of fish, the Agency advises companies to prepare additional capacities for the reception of catches.

As of July 3, extracted 11.3 thousand tons of red fish. Users of the Kamchatka territory mastered 8.3 tonnes, Sakhalin region – about 1 thousand tons, Khabarovsk territory – 1.4 thousand tons and the Maritime provinces – 630 tons.

According to Rosrybolovstva, the approaches of salmon are delayed because of climatic conditions. The main mass of fish is expected after 7-10 days.

Data obtained by research vessel “Professor Kaganovsky” that completes trawl monitoring Priuralsky waters, indicate the total number of pink salmon in 1 billion copies at a mass of 1.2 million tons.

To Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands are expected to come in near 135 million copies of pink salmon.

“Now it is necessary to prepare additional units of the fleet, to provide additional reception capacity to prepare the plants,” said Peter Savchuk.

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