The ice warning will not crack under the weight of a fisherman

Seems, the winter fishing season has entered its final stage – fishing at last ice. What drives the masses lovers of fishing on fragile in this time of ice. First of all, of course, unrestrained passion and hope for suerkulov that on the spring ice from time to time it happens.

With a passion to fight hard, but what about the big catch on the last ice, you can bet. Their irregularity and unpredictability differs by almost every spring is unstable, with frequent weather disasters. And this year, multiple landings in the most different fish ponds in the period from mid-March to early April yielded no catches exceeding 2-3 pounds of stuff caught in the nearby pond. Although some were lucky and they came in 1-2 days bite, which turned out to be for this entire period…

Now, when it’s really warm, the ice mercilessly eating away hot April sun and rain, and from the shore noisy streams and muddy “primer” – hitherto durable fishing prop turns into a rotten unreliable.

Such ice warning crackling under the weight of the angler or the crowd of his fellows that had accumulated on the catchability. It is only with the ominous squishing the rustle of leaves, like bog bog. Is it worth to recall once again how dangerous the collective font, when General panic overshadows the mind…

You should not believe and strong after a frosty morning the ice – back he can not let go, very weaked in the coastal zone. In this situation it will be prudent to stock up on tools reverse crossing – an inflatable boat or boards listed on the ice away from the rim.

If you were on the spring ice, remember where it is most thin and fragile. This is primarily the entire coastal area; wet spots on the ice where there are puddles of water; strip of ice over the main channel of the river on which the dam; ice areas near the mouths of streams and rivers that flow into the main pond, where you can “bump” on a fun spring biting and where there is always the probability of a bad result.

How to help people who are in the ice bath? To help first of all should come fishing mutual assistance and common sense. Trapped in the water not worth wasting time on trying to get loose, crumbling edge of the ice, and calmly hold his hands. Rescuers, in turn, must not crawl (to crawl – and nothing else) to “mariwasa” unarmed – so you can only aggravate the situation. Long lasting cord with a small weight and a wide loop on the end, as well as a long Board or pole, a looming ahead of the squad will surely help the cause.

Latest data: until the ice is strong enough in the Rybinsk reservoir and Ruza, but “live” it has not long since arrived Wagtails and Lapwings, this suggests that the ice is more than 10 days will not last.

And finally, if you really want fishing despite the high water, well peck roach, Dace and other fish in wiring to different streams. You just need to find a quiet zavadenko and throw a hook with crimson bloodworms or fresh worm muck. This fishing running and very interesting, something like the hunt.

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