With a fishing rod at the end of the winter season

In early spring, when the nights are still a no-no but there are heavy frosts, fish often prefers to stay at great depths and far from shore. At this time, it is possible to catch in the open areas of the ponds, using a special gear.

White fish in open rivers with cold winter water often adheres to areas where close to shore there is steep stairs. It is not necessarily the edge of the riverbed, even more at the channel edge it holds less, because there is usually a strong current, and roach, bream, IDE love slow flow. Therefore, for some rivers, these fish often hold the steep slopes of the coastal ditches, usually being in the lower part of the drop off. Hence the fish can go out in the morning and evening on the edge of watering. The seabed should not be too muddy.

Other favorite habitats of roach, IDE, bream, white bream where is the wastewater discharge. For example, the IDE generally likes dirty water, what else wrote to L. P. Sabaneev. For the love of sewage, the meat of the IDE, sometimes popahivaet. But the presence of the odor is not necessarily as bullhead fish coming. In dirty water a lot of organic matter. It is good breed leeches, amphipods, and even cancers, the meat of which is very fond of the IDE.

Near the discharge of the warm waters of nuclear power plants can also be current. Water in such places environmentally friendly. White fish and predator feed on all winter. For Bolognese fishing here you can catch not only in wiring, but also from the bottom, redoing the rig is stationary. To do this, move the float to the tip of the rod, after casting to snap under his weight got a little slack line. Turned out the so-called poledance. The main fishing line to catch white fish in the winter 0,14-0,2 mm, the leash of 0.12-0.16 mm. Sinker-olive, is fixed above the Snood swivel with a clasp or a pellet, you should still lie on the bottom, while it is desirable that the nozzle has moved over from side to side.

Leash length is selected by the power flow and the extent of fishing activity. Than she careful picks up the head, the leash is shorter. Sometimes you want the nozzle motionless on the bottom. On the leash you can put a shepherd boy.

Free from snags coastal steps are best to fish a plug with a float “Lollipop.” The length of rods 11 to 14 m. This length in some areas is enough to lower the gear vertically right under the “step”. In this method, it is very important to choose the capacity of the float and the ogruzka, focusing on the power flow. Usually in “steps” Oki caught with ogruzka from 16 to 25 g. Need to adjust the position of “Lollipop” so that he wouldn’t fall. How the tackle feels the bottom, depends largely on the success of fishing.

Both on the plug and on prudence, the length of the leash sometimes can reach up to 1 m. By and large, the plug is the same poledance, only float on the surface. As we have said, in the winter of IDE, roach and other white fish may respond poorly to the wiring, so a sinker pin snap should lie on the bottom motionless on unstable flow. Order for demolition of the snap-in, select the ogruzka the desired weight. Antenna position of “Lollipop” on the surface of the water shows whether agrogene snap. Overloading it with too it is impossible, because the fish will immediately feel the weight of the shipping and throw the nozzle. On some sections of rivers where the current is on the “stairs” strong, have to catch with a very heavy ogruzka(25 to 40 g) and apply the same load floats.

The float on the flow must be stationary. But as the weight of all shipping is equal to the carrying capacity of the float and the contact snap of the rod tip perfect upgrade shipping only a few millimeters allows you to shift the snap for a short distance. Sometimes white fish such movements are very attractive. But you must remember that they should not exceed 10-20 cm. longer travel guard major IDE, roach, white bream, bream.

When fishing for IDE plug-in is very important to correct the ratio of the size of the nozzle and the thickness of line. If the leash is too thick fishing line and nozzle volume is small, the line flow will be hard to shake from side to side, and the IDE does not like. It is desirable that the fishing line was stretched out and not much walking horizontally. For example, if a couple are caught on maggots, the leash should be put not thicker than 0.12 mm. If you use surround the worm, the leash can be put and 0.14 mm. it should be remembered that the fishing line 0.12 mm is easy enough to get the IDE up to a kilogram, but for larger IDE line you need to put thicker.

Under the steep banks on the South, winter sometimes promising fishing for bullhead in the surf (provided that coastal land is not captured by the frost). When the leeward, steep Bank of a big wave knocks the ground, it creates a strip of turbidity, which is suitable for food fish. On the surf to catch jacks and Bolognese rods, casting nozzle to the border Muti. Due to the fact that, in noisy surf zone, IDE, roach, silver bream, bream are not so careful, best is fishing even in open areas.

In the villages of the local fishermen still sometimes catch the old-fashioned way: the long hard rod of 6-7 m and is of the float – a wine cork, which for fishing at depth and for good so that the locking of the line occurs along the axis of the float by stop sticks. If such a float and a sinker (usually a “olive”) is chosen correctly (that is, the weight sinkers is clearly in line with the lift of the float), the gear reacts very well to a weak strike any white fish. Fishing line from the tip of the rod to “olives” stretched. Anglers often catch two or three such rods, and if they are left unattended, bream, IDE often samozaschita.

It happens that a big fish lives under the rubble. For example, IDE debris attracted to the fact that it was usually a strong stream washes away the soil, making a hole. But here the bottom is always solid, granica on the course is not delayed, but it accumulates on the sides of the dam. These shelters and selects the IDE.

Under coastal bushes and the rubble easier to catch bait mixed: hard nod + calculated by the force flow “olive”; with her through the swivel goes a long, 50-80 cm, leash. The task of the fisherman is to put a snap at the bottom for a strong stream that it carried on tyhovoddya ringleader. And here it is necessary to keep. The leash attachment on the hook will smoothly go from side to side at suwadi that attracts careful IDE.

Another option is catching on stationary equipment – with the boat set the anchor above the pit. Method of fishing: a stepped transaction with a pitch length of 15-30 cm and a long priderzhki snap. Optimal leash length – 20-30 cm Long it should not do, otherwise it will be a lot of hooks.

Of course, choosing the right place is important. And another good point for fishing on the rivers, where the coastal land is not captured by the frost near steep banks that are prone to shattering. IDE, bream, bream, large roach, Zope, white-eye also like step, located at the turn of the ditch, where there are notches. Collapsing near the coast need to be placed downstream just above the seat collapse to the ground does not fall on top angler.

In places landslides as bait you can also use balls of clay of the coast, which mix the large particles chopped worm.

The success of the winter fishing on ice-free reservoirs is determined by proper use of bait and dosed bait and tackle. Where there is noticeable current, a good tackle can be properly chosen Bologna snap with a small coil and a plastic container feeder 30-50 g of food. The rod selected a strong, fast system. The feeder should be placed on the fishing line in a sliding position, it is attached to only one okruzhayushaya plate. The main line on the smallest possible diameter, but the weight of the feeder with feed.

Its diameter may be 0.18-0.25 mm, the leash length from 15 to 40 cm is attached to the main fishing line through the clasp and swivel. Container filled with live maggots or bloodworms, which when lowering the feeder to the bottom is gradually emerging through the holes. Bait is usually the same maggot or bloodworm.

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