First assistant for the hunter

As a consequence, the cases of PE occurring during the hunting process, due to the inexperience of most of the newly-hunters.

Search-and-rescue work hampered by the fact that hunters often neglected means of signal alerts.

Today, when there is active promotion of hunting, there was a massive “influx” of hunters lovers.

Special signals hunter

  • A flare of red fire.
  • The cartridge signal ground.
  • Flares.
  • Torch-candles.
  • Signal cartridges.

Buy special lights for hunting in, it will not take a lot of time and money, but will save someone’s life. Do not ignore this important attribute of the equipment. Moreover, these fireworks can be used to scare off predatory animals.

Hunting emergency rescuer

Alarms there are both disposable and reusable. The most practical is a reusable signal of the hunter. Weight, dimensions and other characteristics allow you to carry it effortlessly.

Design features:

  • 1. Signal hunting pistol is a short 15-16 cm long, hollow metal tube.
  • 2. Inside the “trunk” to be the trigger device, vaguely reminiscent of the automatic handle, thanks to this appearance, the hunters called rocket launcher – “fountain pen”.
  • 3. Tube, it is also the trunk has no handle or straps applied, in most cases, has an ergonomic rubber sleeve.
  • 4. Charges or squibs are conical in shape, are placed directly through the muzzle hole.
  • 5. Each cartridge is labeled depending on the color fields, which he gives after the shot.

As you can see, this is a pretty simple device that does not occupy much space in the equipment of the hunter. But their “saving” qualities, such a device is well suited for use during holidays as a bright firework.

The use of special tools hunter

In cold weather, should take special care to approach not only to spec. means, but common ammunition. Today, the most popular suit Gorka-winter, perhaps, the ideal solution of the Fisher-hunter to retain heat and ease of movement. This suit will significantly increase the comfort of the waiting rescuers in case of emergency. The use of signaling devices has a number of recommendations to achieve effective results.

Types of signals

Shot alternately a few red squibs, through short periods of time, the most common distress signal.

A series of three or more runs should be done at visual, auditory contact with saved. group for a quick orientation of the latter.

The yellow and green cartridges are designed for remote positioning and communication between group hunters.

Green signal is actively used to supply sign standing for fixed numbers of hunters on the approach of the beast.

Yellow or as it is called – “neutral” cartridge, can be used for alerts, as between hunters and honey-mi rescue teams.

To date, the signal of the hunter an indispensable tool not only in case of force majeure situations, but also to coordinate the activities of the group. This allows more efficient to drive game, to indicate the direction of movement of the pack to quickly navigate the terrain.

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