Spinning for pike

A novice angler it is better to use domestic metal spinning. Its high stiffness allow you to throw a large bait. Check the choke ring, with their low quality line can incapacitate one for fishing.

Lots of spinning for pike is 2.5 – 6.0 kg. the length of the line is about 100 m, thickness – 0.5 mm. Necessary and metal leash. For bait use a variety of baubles. The most popular is the so-called “universalka”. Spinning and gleaming in the water, it attracts the attention of pike.

Pike prefer to hunt from ambush. She likes weedy backwaters and pools, hiding behind rocks or in the grass. The bait should be well visible in the grass, so the lure before fishing, you need to grind literally to Shine.

When fishing for big pike should get a large spoon – the so-called “salmon” or “spoon”. Such good trolling bottom caught pike. Although, there are cases when big fish were caught on the usual “Universalna”.

To produce big pike often have to comb through a significant water space. Therefore, going for pike, please not only spinning and spoon, but also perseverance and patience.

Paternoster partly prevents the lure from the hooks, but increasing drag, reducing the range of the casts. The presence of the blades causes Devon to tumble in flight during the cast and also leads to frequent solistam tee. More stable flight Devon shifted to the rear end of the center of gravity, but it leads to incorrect inclined position when posting in the water.

Very often Solisti tee from spinners with the load-head, if the bar is muffled connected with sinker spin; in this case, does not help even “nahabedian” core cambrica ear tee.

The solution was found when ramcity put a swivel between the cargo-head and the front loop of the rod. Due to the increase in the number of degrees of freedom of the petal, the stem and the tee is pretty easy to find a secluded place in the “track” flying in front of the sinker, and it’s usually without zahlestov.

There are only two best way to connect the spinner with the load of own weight of heavy lures with very good lines and cargo-head, coupled with a lure ramatam a swivel.

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