How to store a boat, PVC in winter

Don’t know how to properly store a boat PVC in the winter?! This article will help You to understand the correctness and consistency for winter storage. The boat is also an irreplaceable assistant of a fisherman.

With its help, the fishing becomes much more productive and interesting.

Not everyone can afford to buy a boat or a wooden boat. And it’s not always a question of Finance. These units are quite demanding in the provision, overall, for transportation needs special transportation (trailer). In this case, the recreational anglers cost buying rubber boats.

Modern inflatable boats are of high strength and durability. Keep the boat in good condition for a long period can, if properly take care of it. It should be time to wash, to protect from influence of negative factors of environment. At the end of the fishing season the boat is placed in winter storage.

So how do you keep the boat PVC in the winter right, for full security for next season.

Properly storing PVC boats in the winter

Basic rules for storage of boats PVC (rubber) in the winter

  1. Winter inflatable boat PVC should be stored in a room without sharp changes from negative to positive temperature. When strong drops condensation, which over time can severely spoil a swimming resort.
  2. The material from which made the boat does not tolerate low temperatures. You can place the watercraft in a warm garage or pantry.
  3. The boat can be stored in either the inflated state or deflated. In the latter case, it is recommended to keep its straightened position.
  4. To fold the boat only when it objectively has no place (for example, in a city apartment).
  5. We need to make sure there were no sharp bends, twists.
  6. With the layout of the boat on the surface of the floor can not be pressed its boards, stones, etc., to put on her heavy or sharp objects.
  7. The oars are stored separately.
  8. Allowed to keep the boat in limbo. To do this, construct ceiling joists or hung the boat by ropes. This approach will allow you to save space and protect the vessel from attacks of rodents (if you live in a private house).
  9. After the winter the boat take out and examine. If the piece cracks, it is better to take action. Read more about how to repair rubber boats can be found in other articles.

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