The choice of spinning: how to choose the right spinning

What spinning to give preference to when buying? – this question arises every angler, with a huge number of rods that have different characteristics, price, quality.

Well, if You are a spinning enthusiast with years of experience and already have the experience and knowledge of spinning fishing. How to make the right choice of a spinning novice angler?

The answer to this question, today we will explore in this article.

Selection of spinning rods.

What rod is best for fishing a spinner? This is quite a complex question and the answer is definitely no. There are so many ways of spinning fishing, lots of lures, which also have their own requirements for spinning. Also of importance, how You will catch fish on a spinning, for example, from the shore to the big pond, from the shore to a small pond, river, boat, wading, etc.

Therefore, based on this, You need to know where and what fish you will catch on spinning.

Let’s examine the above in more detail…

The choice of spinning, depending on the type of fishing:

* Fishing jig spinning must be hard, lightweight, with quick build that will give You maximum sensitivity.
* Fishing lures – the preferred rod with a slower system. But yet again, for example, when fishing a Popper, a fast system is desirable.
* Fishing with turntables – just better slower system of a spinning that will help You to do more long casts and better lure feel.
* Special attention should be paid to the weight of the bait and find the right test spinning. If your spinning will test less of the weight of the lure, when casting, You just might break it, and when fishing small lures with a large test, You will not feel your bait in the water when posting and this ratio will greatly reduce casting distance.

The choice of spinning, depending on the place of fishing:

* Fishing from the boat for a short fishing rod, for example, up to 2.7 m.
* Fishing from shore on a large pond – it is advisable to pay attention to the longer rods, from 2.7 m. the longer the rod, the longer cast You will succeed.
* Fishing from the shore, where there is reeds or other vegetation which would interfere with the cast, as well as narrow rivers and small ponds is better than a short rod that will help You to make more accurate casts.
And don’t forget that You need to keep spinning in the hand, so try to choose the most comfortable and lightweight pole that will “is a lie in Your hand.”

External inspection:

First and foremost, when buying, you need to pay special attention to:
* The presence of chips, scratches;
* The build quality of the rod;
* Quality of primocki rings and they must be on a single line;
* The quality of the coating, the presence of nodules;
* and other defects…

The wall thickness of the rod:

This option can be found on the connection of spinning. The thickness should be as uniform and not too thin. Manufacturers sometimes skimp on material, which can lead to breakage of the rod when in use.

Choke ring:

Carefully inspect the inserts in the rings. The presence of any chip or crack can lead to the rapid wear of the basket or the line. Inserts should be highly polished and smooth. Very important this option when fishing on thin fishing line.

Connection of knees:

The connection should be reliable enough so that when fishing You have no problems. If the connection is short, there is a backlash or other deformation, it can lead to breakage of the rod.
The backlash can be detected, taking the hand of the connection and shake the rod assembled, rotating it around the axis. If there is any play You will feel it.
There shouldn’t be any scratches and chips.

The handle of the spinning reel:

It all depends on the type of fishing on a spinning.
* Two-handed grip (long) will help You to make long casts.
* One-handed grip will give You the precision and reducing the weight of the gear.

Reel seat:

The reel seat must securely hold the coil.

Balancing rods:

The center of gravity should be as close to the coil.

The line reels and rods:

It is advisable to choose a fishing rod having a reel. This will help You to feel the compliance of the coil and the rod. All should “lie comfortably in the hand” and bring the fun of fishing.

If You are a beginner in spinning fishing, it is advisable to take with you to the shop of a friend who already has experience in this matter. It can help to choose the rod for You, knowing how, where and on what bait You will catch.

Try to shop at specialty stores that value their reputation and will not offer anything to sell something, and will really help you to choose the pole that you need for You. For example, You can buy spinning major craft crostage known Japanese company that produces great fishing rods, checked the store, “coils” at affordable prices, where always answer questions and help you make the right choice.

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