What bite Rudd

Canned corn very well acts as bait Rudd. Works especially well corn when fishing the floors water and at the bottom. Do not get carried away with the number of grains is placed to catch large roach will be just one corn.

Do not forget about caution redfin and the need to hide the hook in the bait. The main thing to choose the right grain size, and your odds of a catch increase dramatically.

Many wonder about the choice of baits, but to understand what Rudd is biting pretty hard. And she pecks at everything, just not always and not everywhere. Or that the lure can be selected depending on conditions of catching, season and habits of the fish in the pond. We give General recommendations on choice of bait, but it is not necessary to forget about individuality.

What Rudd bite if she’s not hungry? Of course maggots. Worm is a universal bait and can attract the attention of fish in the spring and summer. Best Rudd bite on red maggots. Also proved himself an artificial maggots, but they worked significantly worse than the living. It is not strange, because never in my life live bait is not inferior to the artificial

The best bait Rudd at different times of the year

In the summer season you can catch a lot of Rudd on Nightcrawlers also known as podlistnikov, or just worms. They work especially well in waters where lot of small fish. Put the Nightcrawlers on the hook you flatly to get rid of the bites of small fish and your catch will be only large specimens.

We all know that Rudd biting well on the crumb of white bread, which is why it is considered a classic bait. Works especially well if you’re going to catch a Rudd at the surface. You only have to put the bait on a small piece of bread for easy hook and fishing was successful. In any case it is not necessary to seal the bread, it needs to be as buoyant.

On the waters of muddy water it is best to work a sweet dough, and if you add a bright dye, such that substitution of the bait just yet. For this bait a few drops of attractant not be superfluous. Several times I saw anglers who fished the Rudd from the surface Narovlya hook trout dough. That’s just the hook needed here special, with a spiral on the shank to make a soft dough flew off him.

Well, in the winter the fish are quite finicky, and there will have to experiment with the choice of bait. A definite answer to the question of what the Rudd biting winter there. But you can try to combine all the bits, and it’s highly recommended to buy the activator biting fishhungry and add it to the baits.

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