How to make a cage for broilers with their hands

Sooner or later, each owner of a country house or a small infield there is a desire to have chickens. And a preference for high-yielding broilers that are characterized by excellent egg production and amazing meat.

But the contents of this breed of birds is not an easy task and it requires hard work.

To provide poultry favorable conditions for full development, it is important with special responsibility to relate to the preparation of cells.

How to make a cage for broilers with their hands

Fortunately, today it is possible to manufacture cages for broilers with their hands, follow instructions of experienced professionals and using the detailed guide that you can find in free access.

You should pay attention to the fact that, given the right conditions in the spring and summer you can grow up to 4-5 parties a healthy and productive individuals (one party may be about 30 chickens).

In the 50 days of age chicken can be used for the production of meat, because at this time it can weigh about two kilograms. For comparison, conventional laying hens are gaining only 800 grams of weight. As a result, the output of broilers is considered a very profitable occupation, which could be an additional or main income.

We must not forget that the chicken broiler needs in certain conditions, including the availability of shelters with good ventilation. In our time, used two main methods of content broiler hybrids.

Among them:

  • Cell;
  • Outdoor;

For both types has its pros and cons. For example, floor maintenance does not require the construction of large and complex buildings, but the cleaning operation is complicated. But when the intensity of the contamination of the inner space of the coop droppings from birds can appear different diseases.

Cellsthat you can do with your hands, ensure proper distribution of useful area, as they are mounted, one on one. As a result, to clean up the coop much easier. But caring for such designs requires some investment, including the purchase of materials or finished products.

How to determine the size of future cells for broiler

Regardless of the method of cultivation, the Assembly procedure of the cell with his hands can remain the same.

Before creating a kind of chicken home correctly, make drawings, or find ready-made options already selected sizes. They are available free on many relevant portals and farmer forums.

The cage should be done with comfortable and modern, equipped it with all the automated means for the supply of food and water.

With self-creation of drawings it is important to consider the number of individuals that will be grown. According to statistics, one chicken is required 0,4 square meter, so a square meter can easily accommodate about four chickens.

What should be the size of cages for broilers

Cells, which are grown broilers can be divided into two types:

  • For young Chicks (such constructions are called brooders);
  • For young animals and adult chickens;

And for the first and for the second type there are no strict restrictions in terms of dimensions. Enough to follow the calculations of the number of individuals per square meter. This approach can be called the most universal.

If we are talking about cells for younger individuals aged from 0 to 15 days, then one chick must drop 5% of the square meters. In the case of youngsters the situation is completely different. 1 square meter falls 10-12 chickens.

Before you can create drawings of future designs should be guided by the above-mentioned indicators.

And if the chicken will fit a normal cardboard box from the appliance, a more Mature youngsters need to equip the individual cells that will conform to the following dimensions:

  1. Width (depth) is from 70 to 100 centimeters. To use too broad of the cells is not recommended, since this will complicate the process of cleaning the litter;
  2. Length is determined by the bearing capacity of the material from which made the frame and the ability to install a cage in the coop. The optimal lengths in the range 70-140 centimeters;
  3. The height should be selected within the range of 25-25 cm. Given the presence of niche for the tray with litter, the height will increase to 45-55 inches;

Cage dimensions 70х140 centimeters can live from 12 to 15 broiler hybrids.

How to make a cage for broilers with their hands. Step by step instructions. Cells for newborn animals

Wondering how to make a cage for broilers with their hands, carefully be aware all the features of the upcoming event, select a statement and deal with the possible “pitfalls”.

Cages for chicken at the age from 0 to 15 days.

As mentioned above, as the home for the newly hatched chicken, you can use the packaging from the appliance. If you do not have such products, you can take a cardboard sheet and glue it with the box. And if you give preference to more reliable plywood or lumber, the final design will surpass all expectations.

Let’s deal with the simplest and cheapest option out of cardboard.

Ideally, you should get two separate boxes, which are connected by a special passage.

In one of them chick can sleep and the other to enjoy your meals or water. An important condition for the normal maintenance of the chickens is the provision of optimal temperature regime. It is important to provide heated air to 26-33 degrees Celsius. You can use incandescent bulbs, in particular, the ordinary lamp. In a place where the drinking light is switched off at night. Very good if you have a thermostat that will automatically turn on or off heating.

As bedding you can use a thick layer of fabric or layer of fine sawdust, which stand out for their excellent waterproofing performance. The chicken should have free access to the drinking bowl, but the probability of flooding should be excluded.

Cells for juveniles at the age of 15-40 days

Creation and arrangement of cages for broiler can be divided into several distinct phases:

  • Preparation of drawing;
  • Frame Assembly;
  • Cladding work;
  • The arrangement of the internal parts of cells, including installation accessories, water dispenser, door, feeders and heaters;

For the successful implementation of this goal will have to use a number of materials and tools.

The most common material used for frame is galvanized steel mesh, timber, plywood or other similar materials. Also will need to find a sheet of galvanized steel for the arrangement of the feeder for fastener (nails, staples, screws).

The inventory should contain the following tools:

  1. hammer;
  2. pliers or pliers;
  3. hand wood saw (or jig saw if it is available);
  4. roulette;
  5. gon;
  6. metal shears;
  7. screwdriver;

Floor load refers to the amount of individuals who will live in a cage. It is important to consider the standard weight adult chicken, which is equal to 2.5 kilograms. That is half of the cell area of 1 square meter should withstand about 37 kilogram of body weight. If the margin exceeds the basic limit, it’s for the best.

If you have multiple tiers for making support structures, you can use metal.

The arrangement of the feeders

The feeder is made of thin metal sheet of stainless steel. This element of cells are hung on the grid in the bottom thereof. This arrangement will allow the chickens free access to feed at any time. If the grid cell is very small, it is necessary to make a vertical cut with a width of 7 centimeters and a height of 140 centimeters. This is enough to ensure chicken convenience meal.

In children it is recommended to install the dispenser. A container of liquid mounted in any convenient part of the cell.

Features of broilers at home

The contents of broilers in the home is markedly different from growing conventional laying hens. As a result of the characteristics of cells will be different. If the usual hen not imagine their life without sex convenient, space-saving and dimmable, broiler hybrid needs in a limited space, normal light and sustainable food. If one of these rules is neglected, the efficiency from the growth of chicken can be expected. Most likely it will only result in a loss-making consequences.

Proper maintenance of a broiler chicken at home consists of performing several key rules:

  • The chicken needs to live in a warm, well-ventilated area with low humidity. To maintain the temperature, you can use any means at hand, incandescent lamps, heaters etc.
  • In the first days after the birth of a bird’s cage may be heated by elektrogrile or lamps, installed in the upper part of the structure;
  • In summer, the cage can be placed on the street that will provide a stable inflow of fresh air. But you can’t do it at a cold temperature and strong draughts, otherwise the youngsters will be subjected to different diseases.

After reviewing the basic rules and characteristics of broilers at home, you can begin to buy the first animals.

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