Pushkin breed chickens: description and details of breeding

Poultry farming is important in our time. Farmers breed the birds for different purposes: for meat, eggs or just for fun. Very popular in the farm are chickens. This is the most numerous and common poultry.

The chicken is domesticated by humans, the bird people began to actively cultivate and display her new breed. The most common species are meat, egg meat, egg and meat-egg, poultry-laying hens.

All these breeds are bred with the aim of obtaining quality food products: meat and eggs. A breed combine meat quality, they are perfect for carrying eggs.

In poultry one of the decisive factors is the high productivity of the breed. This indicator has Pushkin breed chickens.

Pushkin chickens – striped-colourful birds. They have an attractive appearance and possess a docile nature. You can safely let them into the yard and to go to them in the corral.

Pushkin chickens – young breed, registered in 2007. The name was due to the city of Pushkin, Leningrad region, where the Institute of genetics and development of agricultural animals. In this Institute, and was bred this breed of birds.

This breed of chickens were artificially bred specifically for farm breeding. To obtain the Pushkin breeds of chickens were crossed two breeds: “St. Petersburg” egg breed and “Moscow”. These two breeds are very different, but very similar in terms of breeding. Breeding breed chickens Pushkin was tried to use for breeding such breeds like white Leghorn, white Moscow, cross-cold, black-and-white australorp.

The result of crossing a new breed with high productivity, egg production.

Pushkin breed chickens

To learn more about this wonderful breed, let’s consider it in more detail.

Pay special attention to the following parameters:

  • description and advantages of the breed;
  • productivity;
  • content;
  • description of poultry feeding;
  • the specificity of breeding.
Description and advantages of the breed

The head of the bird of this breed is elongated, oval. Eyes from light yellow to bright orange. The beak is sharp, comb purple or bright red. The neck is elongated, the body is trapezoidal, broad chest. The chicken legs are long, each with four fingers.

The usual colors of the hens of this breed is a spotted, striped. Roosters are usually white with large dark spots on the feathers. The dense cover of feathers, down white.

Birds of Pushkin’s species have a docile and peaceful nature, they do not like conflict, dangerous situations trying to avoid. These animals get along well with other non aggressive species. Pushkin chicken will appeal to children, they are happy to talk and become tame. These animals are trained and often used as performers in circus programs.

Why Pushkin breeding of chickens has become such a popular form of farming? The answer to this question lies in the advantages of this breed.

Pushkin chickens are perfectly suited to commercial activities, their attractive appearance allows to take a worthy place on the market of poultry meat. This bird is very tolerant of the cold season and rarely sick. It does not require special and expensive food. Chicken coops for growing chickens Pushkin is simple in construction and content.


Pushkin chickens are for meat and egg breed. The meat of this bird has good taste, high nutritional and beneficial properties.

Chicken reaches no more than two pounds, cockerels grow more – up to three pounds.

The breed is characterized by high egg productionin the first year one hen can lay up to 290 eggs. The rate of egg production per year is about 250 eggs. Chickens start laying eggs from about the twenty-first week of life.

Pushkin chickens have high meat productivity. Of the 100 eggs hatched 90 Chicks, this is a very high level. Eggs are light beige, weighing approximately 60 grams. Chicken eggs is a very healthy and dietary product. It is almost completely absorbed by the human body. Eggs are very rich in vitamin D, which is responsible for strengthening bones of a man. In eggs contains such useful minerals and vitamins like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, vitamin a, E, C and many others.

Chicken meat is the main source of protein, the basic building block of human cells. It is a dietary product and contains large amount of amino acids necessary for health and growth. The chicken meat contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals. The caloric value of 100 grams of chicken about 190 calories. Chicken is cooked first, second dishes, salads, soups and many other delicacies.

To provide useful eggs and meat can everyone acquainted with the conditions of keeping and breeding chickens.

The contents

The breed is unpretentious, special conditions of detention is not required. Enough to provide a warm and dry place to sleep and winter animals. And also need to care about the lack of drafts in the coop.

Heat the room for wintering of these birds is not necessarily enough to insulate it well. For wintering on the floor of a chicken coop poured peat, straw or sawdust. This substrate will provide warmth all winter long.

The bird has a stable immunity to infectious and catarrhal diseases. A container equipped with additional sloping stairs, so the chickens could easily climb. Chickens of this breed can’t fly, so no need to do the roosts high, they should be at a height of 70 centimeters.

When the temperature is above minus 10 degrees, the hens can be released into the fresh air.

Starting with the warm spring, the bird is transferred to open space, which shall be equipped with shelters from the rain. It is desirable to release the animals for a walk in fenced areas, as this breed is rather slow and in case of danger will not be able to escape quickly from a predator.

Description of poultry feeding

Birds Pushkin breed are unpretentious in food. But still, we must take responsibility for their diet. Definitely need to give cereals, vegetables and various greens. Very good pumpkin, cabbage, zucchini. Greens well suited nettle. Some farmers are stocking up herbs for the winter, so the chickens had not experienced a lack of vitamins. This nettle is cut and dried.

When breeding birds with the aim of obtaining meat you need to give 20% more food than laying hens and to stick to this diet:

  1. Two kinds of whole grains.
  2. Two types of cracked grain.
  3. Fresh and cooked vegetables.
  4. The tops of vegetable crops.
  5. Wheat bran.
  6. Bone meal and salt.

For productivity of bearing the eggs and the strengthening of bone tissue give the chickens bone meal crushed seashells and chalk. If there is not enough calcium, birds can begin to peck at their eggs. To improve digestion the birds provide the crushed gravel and sand.

If you want the hens laid in the winter, provide them good food in this period. In the winter you must increase the amount of vegetables and greens in the diet.

A great source of food in the summer time will be the new-mown hay and grass. Definitely need to monitor the quality of grain that feed the animals. Pushkin chickens are prone to obesity, so often overeat. To avoid this, you need to ration the portions and not to sour food. And also, it is necessary to develop a feeding schedule.

Usually the food spread in the morning, about 5 hours. This feeding period is usually given whole or crushed grain. Second period power – 8 am. Give vegetables and bran. Next meal at noon, you need to give vegetables and herbs. The last meal in chickens at six in the evening. Usually give the grain. Definitely need to monitor the availability of clean drinking water in animals.

The specificity of breeding

Pushkin breed has a high fertility rate. Out of 10 eggs hatched nine Chicks. Offspring out viable.

For breeding chickens, you need to have one rooster for 25 chickens.

Chickens do not do long the hatching of the eggs, this process takes approximately two weeks, so you need to put eggs in the incubator.

Birds Pushkin breed are undemanding to food, living conditions. They perfectly feel themselves free to roam and dig in the manure, find food in the grass. Chickens possess good stability, so widely spread in almost all climatic zones of our country.

For breeding Pushkin chickens need to choose the right cipleso you need to pay attention to parents and adult hen and rooster. They must meet their breed.

Pushkin’s distinctive traits of the breed are:

  • trapezoidal body;
  • broad chest;
  • even back;
  • the lack of pure black feathers;
  • beautiful and non-fluffy tail.
  • have paduch white only.

If you decide to purchase Chicks from private owners, then be sure to look at his adult chickens if they meet the above criteria.

When purchasing young animals on special poultry farms can be beneficial in terms of purchasing a purebred chickens. But these Chicks can be with mental disorders, to be fearful that will have a negative impact on their productivity in the number of bearing the eggs and the taste of the meat.

For chickens need special conditions.

It is important to keep the right temperature and humidity. To maintain the viability of the Chicks in the incubator they should be given special commercial feed and vitamin-mineral supplements. An important component in supplements should be calcium to avoid rickets in birds.

When the chick turns the fifth day, his diet, you can slowly enter the chopped greens of the winch and beet tops. In the weekly age of chickens given special antibiotics, dissolved in broth or other food. Prevention of diseases with antibiotics at this stage of the life of Chicks is very important.

From the second week of life, Chicks can give the boiled potatoes only unheated and slightly starchy. Starchy foods can lead to death of the animal.

Uneaten food should be discarded, so it does not turn sour in the trough and the animal is not poisoned.

Remove Chicks from the incubator only after it is completely dry. This kid should be immediately transferred to the room air temperature plus thirty degrees. At this temperature, the little chick got 5 days to live. On the sixth day, the temperature was lowered by 3 degrees. To soon and without harm to the health of poultry, the temperature in the chicken coop every week reduced by 3 degrees. When the baby bird turned one month, he was only 18 degrees in the coop.

Like many other species of birds, Pushkin chickens molt. Do not be afraid, but do not be confused with the seasonal moult with skin diseases. If in doubt, the best show animals to the vet.

Pushkin breed of birds is characterized by excellent yield, resistance to diseases and frost. These chickens bred for the meat and to produce eggs. Chicken easily sated and content, they get along perfectly with other Pets.

Adopt Pushkin a chicken for the soul and as a pet for your kids. If you have this breed for food, you will get a great result in the form of useful, tasty and healthy food product.

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