Food for neutered cats: how to feed your pet

Neutering a cat or neutering cats is a usual thing for the vast majority of owners. This operation is painless, fast, Pets tolerate it well, and it is important to choose the right food for fluffy friend, that he later had no health problems.

As you know, sterilized cats are often prone to obesity and urolithiasis, therefore, the question of the choice of food here becomes particularly important.

What to feed neutered cats that do not give

There is a list of foodsthat are allowed and even recommended to use sterilized cats and cats:

  • natural lean meat such as chicken, rabbit or Turkey. Such products need to give not only neutered cats, but any in principle;
  • various cereals, such as corn, wheat, oats or rice, you can add the meat (then the pet will eat them with great gusto);
  • all cats and cats need vitamins, so they must be fed sprouted oats, wheat or barley;
  • you can give your pet a special wet food, but it would be even better if you add fresh organic vegetables;
  • fresh water and natural meat broth – another prerequisite of proper nutrition spayed cats.

As you can see, the above list is very simple and clear, so follow it will be quite difficult.

Do spayed cats

The most important thing to rememberis the rejection of the fish (especially fresh) and regular dry food. Fish contains a lot of phosphorus, which is not recommended for use neutered cats, dry food should be specially marked “for sterilized cats”.

Prohibited products include all smoked and salty snacks, and processed foods. Even if the cat is very much to ask you to buy him such things, to give in is impossible, as such food is very harmful for him.

What to choose: food or natural product

The answer to this question is quite simple: it all depends on what kind of food prefer your pet, he need to choose. You can choose a diet completely based on animal feed that are produced on an industrial scale, but only the special, produced for sterilized cats. Food such food can sometimes be diluted by adding to the diet of your pet natural meat.

You can use as the basis for a completely natural food, which can sometimes dilute the dry food, because cats love to eat them from time to time.

In General a neutered cat needs to eat varied. To stay on a single product and thus to put an animal on a mono-diet is impossible, because after the corresponding operation a pet in particular will require balanced and varied diet.

Speaking of feed. Choosing a good dry food for your neutered pet should be paid to the special notes, “for sterilized cats”. Such options provide for the maintenance of all necessary and useful elements for the fluffy couch. To save on such things not necessary, because the health of the pet comes first.

What to feed cats neutered to avoid negative consequences

As you know, the neutered cats prone to obesity and urolithiasis, therefore, it is necessary to reflect on the approach to the veterinary clinic. How to feed your pet, so that after sterilization it gets any worse?

So, obesity. Why is it there and how to avoid it? Very often after castration seals are slow, very calm. Often sleeping, imposingly lounging on your favorite venue, with the consequence that comes extra weight. As an active game most of these tailed beasts no longer take, it is important to adjust their diet so that even when the passive way of life they have not had any problems with weight.

So how to feed the kittyto prevent obesity:

  • it is better not to put it in a bowl a large amount of food, and give her small meals but often, then the pet will not create any hunger or overeating;
  • don’t go on about the cat, if the one with the dejected look on her face begging for food not on time. Also no need to pay attention to beg for some Goodies in the form of smoked sausage or fish;
  • once a week (and that’s the minimum!) the cat is necessary to arrange fasting day.

As you can see, a healthy diet for cats is no different from healthy eating for people, so to observe one is just.

But proper nutrition is not only a healthy weight, but also good health of your pet. Spayed and neutered Pets are often exposed urolithiasis. As you know, the stones are produced in the body in the frequent use of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, and this means that the products containing these elements should be fully removed from the diet koteyki.

The factthat after the operation of castration in cats sharply narrows the urinary channel, because of this you also lose the ability natural remedy of stones from the body. Even the smallest pebble can become a problem for the animal, and it will again have to carry on the operation, a field which poor kitty will be a long time to recover. One conclusion is to adjust the diet, so not had to deal with health problems.

How to choose the right food

Today, the shelves are practically bursting with a great variety of cat food. All are designed for different breeds, all have certain nutrients that are beneficial elements. But how to choose among them the feed that will fit your pet after sterilization?

So, choosing cat food, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • not necessarily that the mark “for neutered/spayed cats” will suit a particular pet. First you need to buy this food, to feed them kitten for 2-3 weeks and observe his appetite and wellbeing;
  • food labeled “Light” is suitable for those Pets who are very obese. This food contains a lot fats and carbohydrates, and therefore, it will not lead to obesity;
  • is to study the composition of the feed: if the packaging States a small amount of carbohydrates and high protein content, this feed can be helpful. The content of protein is also must be at least 50%;
  • be sure to pay attention to the “ash content”. This figure indicates the contained mineral matter in the feed. If the percentage ash content equal to less than 7%, food is ideal for neutered pet;
  • you need to choose only the high quality food, and this is indicated by the remark “Premium”, “Super-premium”, “Holistic”.

If you were able to find a good and suitable diet, you change it is not worth it. Sudden changes in the diet of cat after surgery can lead to serious consequences. Nutrition is a very important part of life neutered cat, so it must be very strictly observed.

Food for neutered cats: the best brands

It is necessary to emphasizethat all animal feed before you go to sale, are carefully checked by a special Commission and are evaluated on a five point scale, where a rating of “5” will receive a luxury food, which are made only from natural ingredients and are quite expensive.

What to feed a neutered cat at home? What food to choose?

Below is presented the list of the best food for Pets:

  • Blue Buffalo Cat Food – this food is available in dry and wet form, it is divided into age groups of cats;
  • Orijen is a natural food that contains very low carbohydrates and high protein level.

It was feed with a rating of “5”. Now about the “four star” representatives:

  • EVO Cat Food – natural cat food made from whole meat;
  • Natural Balance – this food is very popular, as it has a high quality and very affordable price;
  • Kirkland – natural food that contains no artificial additives and other unnecessary ingredients.

To the “three stars” producers following grades are very known to the Russian buyer:

  • Royal Canin – it includes both natural and extraneous ingredients. But, despite this, the brand has a wide range of feed, in which there are special for sterilized cats;
  • Purina is a very publicized representative, which, however, produces not the most natural food.

But such popular brandsas kitiket, Whiskas and Friskes the confidence of the Commission do not raise, so they got the lowest score.

However, when buying food it is best to consult a veterinarian who will help you choose the correct diet for a cat after castration.

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