Skunk Where he lives where lives

Skunk, many associated with the animal that unpleasant smells. For this reason I see it rarely. The only exception might be the zoo, where it is presented as cute and harmless animal.

The skunk belongs to the family of mammals (predators). It can be found in color – black body with white oblong stripes. But in some cases it is possible to meet svinonosogo skunks and spotted. A distinctive feature of the animal – vspryskivaniem odorous, corrosive secret.

Where does the skunk: habitat and where it lives?

Native skunk continent is North America, but it can also be found on the mainland.

Striped animal can dwell in different areas.

  • It can be found in the woodland.
  • It is adapted to the habitat in the meadow areas.
  • Most prefer to live in the rocks or in the bushes on the shore.

Skunk is an animal that lives by himself. Activation it falls on night time.

Where there is a striped skunk and how to live?

Despite the fact that the American whale belongs to a mammal, he is a hunter and predator. Activity it is necessary with approach of twilight, in the night time. He eats exclusive a variety of insects.

But if he sees a bird, fish or rodent, then he will definitely be caught and eaten. He often ruining bird nests and eats the eggs. If in the district there would be no living creatures, he may eat carrion. In addition, he does not refuse from plant foods. He prefers to eat fruits, berries. Can eat grains, vegetables and luscious foliage of the trees.

Striped skunk: appearance

The striped skunk has a small body size. In the length of its body can be up to forty centimeters. The tail of the animal is the same size as his torso. He is a fluffy animal. The predator weighs up to three pounds. As a rule, the male is slightly larger than the female.

The animal has short legs, but an elongated face. To distinguish a skunk from other similar fuzzies can long tail. Live skunk in America, and the mainland is not more than three years. But to reach this age, he can only when the conditions of normal existence and predominance in the area of food.

All the animals know to come to him dangerous. After all, the defensive reaction is vspryskivaniu odorous liquid. Food animal extracted by the front paws. Helps him in the curves of the claws. Paws he often uses for digging burrows. Hind legs skunk shorter. Animal fur has a moderate rigidity. He has black and white color. Stripes moving throughout the body. On the animal’s face has a small stripe. It stretches from ears to nose.

Ears of animals of small size and slightly rounded. The tail is also striped like the trunk. Sees the animal is weak, but if you watch him you’d think he is lazy or too afraid of the water.

As mentioned previously, animals can feed on fish. This suggests that the animal is not afraid of water. Even more, the mammal is an excellent swimmer.

Striped skunk: protection from threats, reproduction and raising the young

Skunk refers to those animals that do not pose a threat. In addition, they try to get around this little furball party. Otherwise, the animal to avoid an unpleasant acrid fluid, which he will release in case of danger. Under the tail there are special glands that produce the liquid.

People in the same way as other animals should be afraid of the animal. Furry animals shoot foul-smelling substance at a distance of five meters. If liquid gets on the body or eyes occurs body’s reaction to pain and a strong burning sensation. The liquid does not deprive a person of vision, but, unfortunately, gives a lot of inconvenience.

In winter, the animal goes into hibernation. This period occurs at the beginning of December. Long before winter, skunk feeds intensively and thus accumulates a lot of subcutaneous fat. The animal wakes up in early March.

The skunk is a solitary animal. the same thing is happening with reproduction. After the male fertilizes the female, he takes no part in further developments. The female for her cubs digs a hole and settles home. If she find around someone else’s home she will not disdain to stay in it. In order for the cubs was comfortable she makes a flooring of leaves, branches and even debris.

The female bears children to a six-day period. In order to provide kids with food, she this time tries in the hole to make stocks. Babies are born with up to six individuals. They are at that moment defenceless. Quite often, many die before they are due. During her mother’s absence, predators such as marten can at any time to destroy the burrow and eat babies.

Babies are born blind. They open the eyes at the age of two weeks. Exactly a month they will be able to protect themselves. And until that time they live in burrows. The mother nurses her babies breast milk for six months. By this age, they are selected from holes and get acquainted with the environment.

Inhabited by a skunk yet?

Nowadays, many people are willing to get interesting, exotic animal skunk. The animal not only lives on the mainland, but he can still live in the apartment next to the man. A domesticated skunk is an animal from the wild, which removed perianalny cancer. Remove them at the age of three months and thus the animal does not suffer. From this moment the animal can be safely attributed to the suborder sobrannyh.

And it really begins to resemble an ordinary dog that can be trained to the paddock, to accustom to the tray, and even start to train. Domesticated animals distinguish intelligence and can respond to the nickname. Despite the fact that the person made a wild animal home, aggression, the predator is able to show. He’s dangerous in the mating season in spring.

The main characteristics of a striped skunk is attributed.

  • Body size – up to forty inches in length.
  • The size of the tail nearly three inches in length.
  • The weight is five kilograms.
  • The color is often black with various stripes.
  • The animal lives in the home for five years.

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