Catch herring in Sevastopol

This year it pleased us. However, the fact is not always the same. Sometimes only early in the morning (who had, he caught), and then stopped. Sometimes I started fishing with lunch. But in some days of November it was really a lot.

In 2009, near Sevastopol was a very small horse mackerel. And haddock, which had always lacked. But so for someone this fall to complain about Sevastopol fishermen takechi on the herring!

I have not once had to hear a deliberately unhappy with the statements of individual fishermen that the herring they are already tired as hell (which, incidentally, did not prevent them back the next day to go to sea and catch that annoying fish). If in previous years for herring, we went to Uchkuevka and further in the direction of cachi, in this it caught everywhere. Caught herring on the contrary Cossack and Kamyshovaya bays. In front of the omega and Streletskaya, at a depth of from 25 to 70 meters.

To catch herring interesting and exciting. Catch it on the tyrant, as well as mackerel. Only our heroine is much bigger and stronger horse mackerel.

This year herring were from 200 to 500 grams. But if you consider that the tyrant can catch several fish, you can imagine what they do when they get! Grabbing tyrant herring is worn like a torpedo, raising sinker (seems like broke off) and jumping out of the water, trying to free itself from the hook. The wife had a case where a large herring, speeding and jumping out of the water, she jumped over the side and into the boat. If the tyrant caught one or two fish, then there are no problems. Three herring to pull harder, pray more caught up, because, at least, confuse the suspension. Well, if you got five herrings for 400 grams, it is a nightmare! But this is not often.

Gear for herring should be appropriate. First of all, it’s a long and powerful spinning about 4 metres to the rod to raise the suspension higher. Some even catch the line with your hand, making max even more. The fact that the herring likes to catch a falling tyrant near the bottom. In General, the normal pattern when fishing for herring, is that when fishermen actively and intensively waving their rods, which in General, is not easy physically (try to wave spinning from morning to afternoon with a heavy sinker at the depth of 60 meters). The wife complained that after catching her hands hurt, and my fatigue was felt.

Further, for the catching of herring necessarily need a heavy load. He falls faster (and this is very important), and less confusing suspension. Line on the for tyrant must be strong. I usually put transparent fishing line cross-section 0,22 mm. It allows you to pull a few fish. If herring a lot, and it is large, you can catch up by 0.27. And if the weather is calm and clear and the fish are whimsical, of 0.2.

Hooks for tyrant put large, with a long fore-end, 8-12 room according to the old numbering. Shiny and glowing threads (lurex mixed and holograms) each puts on your taste. Know a fisherman who catches herring on the bare, improvised hooks made of stainless steel.

In General, this fall herring we catch good. As long as lined up seven Seiners did not drain all along the coast from cachi to Fiolent. After that, the herring began to be caught rarely.

This delicious smoked fish, but usually it is salted. We recommend this commercially available “Seasoning for salting herring at home”. Fillet is rubbed on both sides with seasoning and placed in the refrigerator for 8 hours. Seasoning gives the fish a subtle spicy flavor and exquisite aroma. Unfortunately, in December, the herring is over, now we are going to catch perch, but caught the heroine of this story – we will remember for a long time.

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